Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Week 1 - MTC

Sooooo many great and awesome experiences since I came in last Wednesday. There have been so many great experiences that I don't know if I can write them all - haha. The first three days I was discouraged about learning Spanish. I have changed my attitude and perspective. I have a testimony of the gift of tongues now. I fasted Saturday and I prayed a lot and when my companion and I taught a lesson I prayed, shared my testimony, and shared the first vision all in Spanish. It was SOOO cool. :) 
I am so beyond blessed. There is no place I would rather be than here at the MTC on my mission learning Spanish and growing closer and closer to God. Yesterday I conducted a testimony meeting with my conversion story. I brought up the question as to why are "you" here on a mission and OH MY GOODNESS! My district has been through so much. When you look at people you really have no idea what they have been through. Always see people the way God sees them. Through that meeting our district has so much love and we care for each other - it is so cool and great. Today we went through the temple and I felt the most peaceful and loving feeling from the Spirit I have ever had. I pondered about just how much God and Jesus Christ love me and my mom and dad and Mason and Chrissy and Landon and Bryce and my friends and just so many things. I am so happy that I am here and even though it is really hard with some of the challenges as a missionary serves, I just know how great of a privilege it is to be here and feel the Spirit so much. Provo is beautiful. The MTC is wonderful and the all the pictures are so cool.
OH! also in one of the lessons my companion and I taught, he accidently told our investigator to come to church on Monday instead of Sunday and she was pretty confused. It was really funny. He got kind of frustrated but oh well - that happens with a new language - haha.

God is truly our Heavenly Father.

Elder Proctor

Mis hermanos

Mis hermanos y hermanas

Chillin' (literally) at the Provo Temple

Our district at the Temple

The Provo Temple is Awesome!

Great session today at the Temple!