Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 2 - MTC

"Everything is Awesome... Everything is cool when you're part of a team!"
So this week was awesome! Everything in the MTC is so great. The devotionals, choir, my district, Spanish, basketball, my zone, seeing all the missionaries, the temple, and most of all the Spirit. The Spirit is what makes the MTC so awesome. I play basketball almost everyday for 50 mins and everyone goes nuts when I play - haha it's so funny. Everyone is so nice. They call me "Air Mormon" on the court because of my t-shirt. I broke the record for 3s made in a row. I made 13! Now my name is up on the board. There are some crazy tall and crazy good players here though. All I can do is shoot and drive a little - haha. The tallest guy is 6'9". Too bad dunking isn't allowed.
The devotionals and choir is amazing. Every Sunday and Tuesday I feel the Spirit the most because I get to go through the temple and on Sundays I really realized how great they are. We get to rest and partake of the sacrament and just feel the Spirit. When I was in the celestial room last week, I just sat there and pondered how much Heavenly Father has blessed me with His Son. There's the picture of Jesus Christ with His arms out and you can see the nail prints in His hands and feet. Our family has been so blessed. There is nothing we can ever do to repay Him. The blessings never end. There is no place I would rather be than here.
So my first day here some of the missionaries that have been here for 3-5 weeks said that "the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days." I was like, "What? that makes no sense". Now that I have been here for 2 weeks - it makes sense! All the days blend together and they are really long sometimes but then you realize that you were just at the temple and are going again today! It's already been a week haha! I only have one more month here. Crazy. Last night I had a dream that I was driving all of y'all to Canada - haha. Maybe we will for real someday :)
OH! also on my first night an alarm went off and I was like, "UGH", I am so tired but its the first day of my mission and I will be the first one up! I can do this! Then Elder Strong says "it's already 6:30?" and I said in my mind yep and then go hop in the shower. After I showered, I came back and everyone is still sleeping and it is like 4:50am. Come to find out Elder Strong accidentally set his alarm for 4:30am - haha.
So my Spanish is slowly improving and the more my companion and I teach, the better we get. I can't wait for Mother's Day and then you guys can hear my Spanish. It should be a lot better by then  - haha. Y'all's emails that I get everyday is the sweetest part of the day. It's so cool how Bryce and Landon are doing well in basketball. and Mason has helped me with language learning tips and mom and dad are the greatest parents ever. There are so many times that I ask why do I deserve such great and loving and caring parents. What did I do in the premortal life? I love yall so much and it's growing because I miss y'all and I am developing Christie love here on my mission. Christ can do everything. From the beginning and in the eternities Christ will always be the most important being ever. He is one with Heavenly Father. Everything in our life should be centered on Christ. Our time revolves around Him. I was born 1,997 years after Christ. I think that is super cool. One last thing. The Character of Christ by Elder Bednar is definitely my favorite talk of all time. I watched it last week on Sunday and it made me so hyped to always study God's Word and do my best to be like Christ and have the love that He has. I want everyone to come unto Him. It will makes us truly happy. 
So the cupcakes and cinnamon rolls you sent were soooooo gooooood! Thank you so much. My district loved them.
On to week 3!  Adiós por ahora!
Elder Proctor

So yeah....the Cinnamon Rolls were a hit ;)

View from my room

Provo Temple Fountain

My Awesome District

I love to see the Temple...