Thursday, March 10, 2016

Week 7 - Calgary

Calgary is BEAUTIFUL and it's not even cold - haha!
So my area/zone is just called Calgary zone. Since I am Spanish speaking, my area is insanely big. My trainers/companions Elder Bailey and Elder Sanchez said it is really really hard to find Spanish people to teach, but when they do - it is so awesome. So first of all I got sick on Thursday... like really sick. So I wasn't able to go out and teach or find most of Thursday and then Friday or Saturday. I had a fever and body aches and a sore throat. I slept through most of it. When I wasn't sleeping I was either praying or studying scriptures and looking back on my old Book of Mormon study journals. It was so awesome. The first day I was sick I was just kinda mad because I had just gotten here and wanted to go out and work. So then the next day I was just laying in bed and then I decided to pray as sincerely as I could. I decided to pray in English. I prayed for an hour. It was so great. I just thanked Heavenly Father for every little thing that we have and all the amazing things we have, like everything, our bodies, breathing, water, food, light, beds, bathrooms, being able to get sick, being able to experience really hard things and still be able to grow and become stronger. Then I went into how great the Atonement is. I just pondered out loud and thanked Heavenly Father for Jesus Christ. Then I read Enos and then prayed more. Then I read over a lot of my Book of Mormon study journal and, oh my gosh. The Book of Mormon really is the greatest book we have. All of the Joseph Smith quotes about the Book of Mormon are true. The Book of Mormon contains the gospel of Jesus Christ and when combined with the Bible - eternal truths are discovered and can change your life and help you through the hardest things in life and make the happy things in life overwhelmingly happy. Then I prayed some more and read my patriarchal blessing. Then I just started to cry and couldn't stop.
God blesses us so much and when we just obey and He gives us more blessings than we can handle. Just obey. Be obedient. I am so happy that we are able to get sick and that "bad" things happen in life because if they didn't we would not be humble and would not understand and appreciate the good. There is opposition in all things as Nephi says. So anyways after all that I started to get better and on Sunday was able to go to church. I fasted and I bore my testimony. It is so cool how the church is the same all around the world. And the Spirit feels the same. Just as incredible. Afterwards people came up to me and gave me compliments on my Spanish. The members are awesome and I love Spanish. They speak insanely fast and it's so awesome. They said I should not worry about Spanish and that I would be fluent in 7 months. I don't believe them - haha. I do have faith but I think it will take a bit longer. Elder Sanchez helps me a ton. He is the only native Spanish speaker in the mission so I am really blessed to have him. Also Elder Sanchez and Elder Bailey are hilarious. Especially Elder Sanchez, he has this dry sense of humor and his laugh just makes you laugh and so does Elder Baileys. They are so great and they have already taught me a lot about how to teach and be a missionary. They are obedient.
Hmmmmm what else, So my apartment is really nice. It is pretty big and Elder Sanchez and Elder Bailey like to keep it clean. OH! So yesterday we went to Hermano Fernandez apartment to eat dinner Hermano Fernandez is super awesome and is so into the gospel. His apartment is like a temple. So many cool pictures. After dinner he asked me to give him a priesthood blessing of comfort and counsel. I have given a lot of priesthood blessings on my mission and I want all you to know that they are awesome and you should think about them more often. Don't ever be afraid to ask for one.
Well that's it for this week and this upcoming week I feel so ready for helping others come unto Christ. I think this week with me being sick was just for me to prep for being in the field. I am so happy and love you like you don't even know. I cant wait to see y'all on Mothers day and show you my Spanish. Time is flying by. 
Elder Proctor
President and Sister Miles. . .They are AWESOME!
Arrival in Calgary
Awesome Mission Welcome Meal


We all guessed where our first area would be.
My Trainers - I needed 2 cuz I'm sooo. . . special!

Awesome ward member

Eat your heart out Mason, Calgary Tower. . .