Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Week 13 - Calgary

How is it already a week later?
Meeting Elder Christofferson was incredible last Saturday. The entire mission came, all 207 of us all in the Sacrament room of the Evergreen chapel. At the beginning we all got to shake his hand. When I shook his hand I was so shocked by how he is so old but you can just see how much energy and brightness and love he has in his countenance. Then we sang "Sweet is the Work" and it really sounded like angels were singing with us. It was sooooo loud and sounded soooo good. The Spirit was so strong in there. So much knowledge and desire to do good and follow Christ in that room. I will never forget it. Then President and Sister Miles bore their testimonies and it was super cool and when Elder Christofferson spoke, he said that President Miles was his stake president in Sandy Utah and they worked together for 9 years!!! So cool and he said that we can learn a lot from President and Sister Miles and that he learned a lot from his Mission President which was Elder Richard G. Scott. Wow. So cool how the church and the gospel brings people together and we get these awesome relationships and grow together. The thing that touched me the most about his talk and testimony is how important the Book of Mormon is and how it is the pinnacle of all our scripture and without out we could not know if anything in the church was true. Through the Book of Mormon and Bible and the Spirit and prayer we can come to know Jesus Christ and the restoration is real and we have prophets today and Joseph Smith was a prophet and the priesthood is restored and everything. It all depends on the Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith without the Book of Mormon then we have no religion. I knew these things, but hearing from the words of Elder Christofferson in person and knowing that what he says at the pulpit are pretty much the word of God was so cool and really gave me a boost in my desire to share the Book of Mormon. I love it so much and know it is true.
Another thing he talked about was the parable Jesus Christ gave about the talents and it helped me a ton. We should not compare ourselves to others and do the best we can with the talents we have. Are you learning and growing each day? Are you doing your best and coming closer to Christ? That is what matters. 
Gosh there is just soooooo much to tell!! This week we had 3 super awesome lessons. I will share the with Adriana and Jordan. They are married and have been investigators for like 9 months and we have been sharing with them Christ-like attributes from preach my gospel because they want to improve their relationship. But this past lesson they just started asking a bunch of questions about baptism and the word of wisdom and the law of chastity and repentance! From what they were saying it sounded like they are getting close to making the choice to be baptized. They were asking stuff like what exactly will we have to do after we are baptized and what if we want to turn away from the church after baptism and what sins are worst than others. So we talked a lot about the Spirit and how you can know if you are doing well and clean if you are feeling the Spirit because the Spirit can not dwell with you if you are sinning and have not repented. At the end we bore our testimonies and I could really tell Adriana was touched by it and she and Jordan both said they feel the Spirit every time we come over.  All of our investigators say this and they say how great it is and then we tell them about receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and how He can be with you at all times and have the constant companionship with Him but they either say we want to learn more first or not ready to make the commitment or just want to wait. It is kind of hard because I just want them to have the gift of the Holy Ghost and experience all the joy from having and the blessings come from living the gospel. I am patient though. Most of them are progressing and that is what matters. Anyways so after Adriana and Jordan said this we said a prayer then Adriana jumps up and just gives us a big hug haha it happened so fast. Then we told them about the mission rules and Adriana was like - woooow haha. Yeah missionaries have so many rules haha. But I love it and they all are there for a reason.
I love you all and mothers day is really getting close!! Can't wait and hope yall have a great week! I can not believe I have been on my mission for almost 3 months already! I am loving it! Time is really flying by!
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