Friday, April 15, 2016

Week 12 - Calgary


Alright so I don't have a ton of time so I will just tell a few stories and send pics. So the zoo was incredible and the whole time I was just thinking how God created all these super cool animals and habitats and why he did it. You can find out in Moses and Genesis, so cool. Then this week while me and Elder Bailey were downtown street contacting and we got into a pretty sketchy situation. This guy was smoking and as we were walking by he said "HEY! Come here! (just add a ton of swear words when I say he is talkin) what are you guys doing" and we just say we are sharing with others the joy that comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then he says to me "wait wait wait hold up so I am poor and uhhh hey gimme your shirt and your tie, what would Jesus do" and then I say I don't think I can and didn't really know what to say - haha then he says "just gimme your shirt and tie" then I say we are just here to teach others about Jesus Christ and then he jumps up and Elder Bailey and I kind of flinched and then he says "nahhh I am just messing with you guys" and then we laughed and he sat back down and we walked away - haha. I have a lot of stories like this and don't have time to write them all.
It is just so interesting how every one in the world knows the name Jesus Christ but have no idea at all what He really is like and what He taught. And it so crazy and cool how all of us choose to have faith in Jesus Christ and come to the earth in the premortal life. Now we have to choose to have faith in Christ in this life and do the things we need to in this life to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again and become like Them.
I have been studying the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation a lot and want you all to too. It is so cool when you realize new things and learn more about it all. And the best part is when you feel the Spirit and you just feel so happy to be a son or daughter of God in His plan and His Son has made it possible for you to be truly happy instead of being miserable or having sad feelings. It is very rare that I ever get sad because I am always thinking about Christ. It is so simple. Read and study the scriptures and pray and think about Christ and go to church and your life will be so awesome all the time. I love it. And I shared this with Miguel y Elizabeth during our lesson with them last week and they said they felt the Spirit and feel that they need to pray more and read more, it was super cool and this Sunday I sat right next to them in Sacrament meeting and I was sooooo happy to be sharing the gospel in Spanish and helping them come unto Christ. I got to pass the Sacrament to them to and it was so so sweet. I feel like we are taught a lot about the sacrament but still dont realize how great of a gift it is. As you study the Atonement and the sacrament we can get a better idea of the magnitude of this blessing. It is so great and incredible.
I am growing closer to Christ every day and am praying more and more and my spanish is still slowly getting better. Some days are better than others with Spanish. Learning a new language is hard but all things are possible through faith in Jesus Christ.
Love you all so much and look forward to Skyping with yall very soon! time is flying by :)
Love, Elder Proctor
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