Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 14 - Calgary

Missions are incredible!
Gosh I dont know where to start!!! haha so much has changed. Transfers are crazy!! So yeah transfers were this week and one of my trainers, Elder Bailey, went to Lethbridge :( I was pretty sad because he is so dang funny and being in a three leg was pretty cool but now since it is just Elder Sanchez and I, I am able to talk a lot more in lessons and practice my Spanish more. Oh and since Elder Bailey left, I have to drive!! So yeah, I am driving now and I was terrified the first day - haha because I have never driven in the city but I am already used to it now and it is soooo cool! All the roundabouts and bridges and then Canada just looks beautiful so I am really enjoying it. We drive a lot because our area is huge because all the Spanish are scattered all over the place. And since I am driving I can't study or sleep in the car any more - haha. The mission work makes you soooo tired, but if you just don't think about it and focus on doing the work and always thinking in Spanish, then you forget about being tired. It is pretty cool. Same principal goes with missing you guys. Like, if I really think about you guys, then I kind of start to tear up because I love and miss you so much. But right now I just got to focus on learning to preach the gospel and learning Spanish. That quote that goes something like "a missionary leaves his or her family for just a short time so that the people he or she teaches can be with their family forever" it really means a lot to me now and it seems like every day that I am realizing more and more and it is hitting me harder and harder that the most important thing to do in this life is to preach the gospel. SHARE IT!
The more I am learning about the restoration, the plan of salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, the commandments, and the laws and ordinances of the gospel, and how to teach it, the more I realize how wonderful and rare it is that I have this knowledge and the joy that comes from living what I know to be true, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. So this week we had some amazing lessons and I will just share one. Elder Sanchez and I are teaching the a great family, they are investigators that we picked up from other missionaries, they have a 1 year old baby. So the couple have been having fights and are not really getting along. So last lesson with shared with them some of the family a proclamation to the world and committed them to read 1 Nephi 8. So this past lesson was super cool because they actually read 1 Nephi 8 and had questions about it! They usually don't keep their commitments so we were surprised and then we got in to it and answered all their questions about all the symbolism of Lehi's dream and it was super cool. Then they were asking questions about the Plan of Salvation and like what would happen to Laman and Lemuel because they didn't want to come and eat the fruit and how we say that we can live with our families together forever but Nephi probably won't live with his brothers Laman and Lemuel in Celestial Kingdom. So that was pretty hard to answer but I believe we explained it well how we have the gift of agency and that we will be judged according to our desires and works and that Nephi could still go down and visit his brothers but his brothers can not live with God in the celestial kingdom. So yeah it got pretty deep and then somehow we ended up sharing Moroni 8 and they loved it so so much. And we told them that just about 1 year ago your baby was living with God and that babies and kids who die before they are 8 get a free ticket to Celestial Kingdom and are saved through Christ because they are alive in CHrist. I wish you all were there to see their faces because they were just smiling and you could feel the Spirit and like see the Spirit working in them. That was definitely the highlight of my week seeing the couple realize and understand how great the plan of salvation is. Then just this morning the wife texts us and says that they are changing and things are going better between them and they want to learn more faster and they will do it!!! So amazing. All because of Lehi's dream in the Book of Mormon.
I have so many other awesome lessons that I want to share but don't have enough time. All of our investigators and less actives are progressing and my testimony is growing so much. I am so happy to be here. I really am. There no other place I would rather be.
I love you guys so much and cant wait to talk with yall on mother's day. I have so many stories to tell. That's so cool that Mason and all of yall were together for a bit. Miss yall :))) but I am so happy here
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