Thursday, May 26, 2016

Week 18 - Calgary

El Templo, coche accidente, y nuevo investigador ‏           

Alright so today is Victoria Day, a Canadian holiday, so the libraries are closed so others can't use the library - so I won't have as much time to email so I can let others email. 
This week was super amazing. I had the best temple experience of my life. Elder Sanchez and I got up at 6:00 in the morning to get ready and drive to the Calgary temple and I was already feeling the Spirit. I prayed the night before that I would not be dead tired and be able to stay awake and feel the Spirit during the day, not just at the temple. My prayer was answered would be an understatement. As soon as I got up and prayed again I was just filled with the Spirit and super excited and filled with energy. It was incredible. It happens a lot to me because I am always dead tired at the end of the day but this time it was more. I looked at myself in the mirror and was just like, "gosh I love my mission". I have been here for 4 months and still have 20 to go. I am so happy! haha then while we drove to the temple we listened to inspirational and motivational speeches. Elder Sanchez has a lot of them. The drive was about 1 hour. Then Elder Sanchez played Eric Thomas "You got to want it as bad as you want to breathe and then you'll be successful" and I immediately started to cry. I remember when I watched and listened to "How Bad Do You Want It" on youtube for the first time when I was trying to go back to church and get my life back but in my mind I thought I couldn't because I had anxiety and depression disorders. This video helped me so much because I knew it would be incredibly hard for me to go back to church and be normal again but if I wanted it as bad as I wanted to breathe then I would be successful. It took a lot of time and it came super slowly but now that I am here and was driving to the Calgary temple it really just felt like that 2 year period went by so fast but at that time it was going so slow. And now I am here and am feeling so much joy and really feel like God is just overfilling my cup with blessings. I have such a different view on pain and trials and bad things that happen to us now. Pain and trials are so temporary and they will subside. The pain will go away and be replaced with something way better than you can even imagine. At that time when I was struggling I never would have honestly imagined that I would be here and experiencing this much joy. Now I feel this joy and it is eternal and it really all came from me just studying the scriptures. The Book of Mormon.
Last Wednesday we found a new investigator and his name is Marlor. He is from Nicaragua. We had our first lesson with him on Saturday and we just taught him the Book of Mormon and a little bit about the Atonement. The lesson was truly incredible. He is having a super hard time because him and his wife are working on getting divorced right now. When Elder Sanchez opened with the pray he was already crying. Then he told us just a little bit about him and his wife. Really sad. Then Elder Sanchez and I testified of the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ. I did my best to explain to him how much the Book of Mormon helped me and how when I read it and prayed about it I felt the Spirit and was happy and comforted and knew it was true. Then Elder Sanchez explained that pain is temporary and will be replaced with something so great and that we believe that this was not a coincidence that we met him at this time. He started to really cry and he thanked us. I felt the Spirit so strongly and cried. It is absolutely amazing what the gospel of Jesus Christ can do for us if we just live it. I am so excited to met with him again and see him come unto Christ.
There is sooooo much more to write and sooooo many more miracles that happened this week but not enough time to write them all. Just know that I am doing my best to preach the gospel in Spanish and that I am loving it more than anything. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and it is growing all because of this gospel and the Book of Mormon and sharing it with others. It is the best. 
I love yall and thank you so much for your emails. Y'all make me so happy. Mason Chrissy, Landon, and Bryce, we have the best parents ever. Never forget that and do what they say! Oh yeah a Jehovah's witness backed into our car with his truck last Friday so that was pretty interesting - haha he was super nice and felt sooo bad. His hitch just dented our bumper and scratched it. It wasn't bad haha.
Love, Elder Proctor
Language Training Meeting

Calgary Temple

Elder Sanchez and Proctor

Welcome to the Temple!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 17 - Calgary

Hola Familia:
Your emails of Mason getting the job as a Japanese MTC teacher and dating Allie!!! :DDDDD Chrissy about to start working at Splash kingdom and starting that youtube channel and how good she is at makeup!!!! :DDDDD Jared starting his mission papers!!!!! That song that you sent me!!!!! Dad being the ward mission leader and y'all doing missionary work!! TODO!!! ESTOY TAN FELIZ!! YO PUEDO SENTIR EL ESPIRITU AHORA MISMO :)))) Gosh this is so great. And this week was the best becasue we got a new investigator!!! Her name is Jessica and she is a really good friend of Hermana Jimenaz, their family is awesome and all members. So we had dinner with them and then she came over with her 10 year old daughter. She was divorced about 3 years ago I think. So after dinner she had a bunch of questions for us. She is Catholic. She was never really in to being Catholic though. So Elder Sanchez and I answered all of her questions and we started off like teaching the first lesson. It was so awesome. Also it was so cool because like ever question that she had we were able to just immediately flip to the answer in the scriptures. She was really impressed. I don't know if she really felt the Spirit though because it kind of felt like she was trying to argue with us. So then after we taught the first lesson we bore our testimonies and when Elder Sanchez bore his I was like woooow because he was Catholic and was baptized just 4 years ago and he testified of why he is here and how much joy the gospel has brought him and even though some of his family are still not members he knows for himself that this church is true and how he just wants to teach others about Christ and the joy that comes from living this gospel. So I really felt the Spirit and I know that Jessica did too. Then we set up another appointment with her at the family Jimenaz house and we taught the plan of Salvation. I think I have to say that the plan of salvation is my favorite lesson to teach. It just is so amazing knowing that every single person here on earth, who has ever lived, who is living, and will live here accepted this exact plan, the plan of salvation, that we are teaching, in the premortal life. They had faith in Jesus Christ and knew that He would be our Savior so they chose to come here, they chose the right. So when we teach this there is just something that I can always see in the persons eyes, with the family Rodriguez, the family Romo and now with Jessica, that they have heard this before. I know without a doubt that the Spirit was there. It is so incredible. You can just see the way they look and you can feel it.
One new scripture that I absolutely love that I found this week is Corinthians 4:18 While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.  and it sounds super cool in Spanish. So like everything that we care so much about like our cell phone, money, house, computers, video games, movies, and whatever else are really just temporal and will come to an end really soon and wont make you truly happy, but what really matters, happiness, families, helping others, and living the gospel of Jesus Christ, truly make you happy and it is eternal. We can not see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, they are eternal and they are the ones who truly make us happy. We can not see our own spirit and the spirits of others, what truly makes you, YOU! but we can not see it. It is eternal. Your spirit is what matters. Your body is imperfect. You will die someday. But because of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. We will all live again and our physical bodies will be perfect because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Because we chose to follow Him in the premortal life, this blessing is unconditional. I have so much more to say but not enough time - haha. Just know what really matters, eternal things. look at people with spiritual eyes, the way that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ sees us. And also look at yourself the God sees you. You are worth everything to Him and you are awesome.
I love you Dad and Mom and Mason and Chrissy and Landon and Bryce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am only gone temporally and you can not see me. But our family is eternal. How great is that? ;) that is what matters and I want others to have the blessings and joy what we have :))))))
Panoramic at Banff


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Week 16 - Calgary

La Expiacion de Jesucristo es increible
Alright so talking with y'all yesterday was soooooooo CRAZY!!! Gosh I loved it so much. All the amazing memories I have with y'all just started flowing through my head and I just felt happy. So happy. Hearing some of y'all's stories was super funny. We are so blessed to have the family that we have. I was thinking about the love that is in family before I skyped you guys and while watching Elder Sanchez skype and how there is just like this special and sweet love that you have for them. Then I started thinking about the Atonement and what I have studied and learned from the Atonement booklet filled with talks from the prophets. In it I have learned that we must understand the Creation and the fall of Adam and Eve to understand the Atonement. Jesus Christ was foreordained to be our Savior before the creation of this earth, foreordained to experience what He did in the Garden of Gethsemene and in Golgotha on the cross. So Heavenly Father commanded Jesus Christ to create this earth so that we could live here and get a body like God our Father and to learn and experience things and have families. Adam and Eve were the first and in order to have children they must have partaken of the fruit of the tree of knowledge to have children and to know between good and evil.  Imagine if you did not know the difference between good and evil and did not have free will or agency and not able to have children and family. That would be pretty sad. So what Adam and Eve did was an incredible thing and was supposed to happen only because Jesus Christ was foreordained to be our Savior and now we have the opportunity to choose between good and evil and have children. Think of the love that parents have for their children and think of the love that is family. Now think of the love that Jesus Christ has for us and our families. There is something that connects. Every single thing in the world and in the universe goes back Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ. Every single thing in the world and in the universe was made for you. You are Gods glory because of Jesus Christ. Compare Moses 1:39 to Doctrine and Covenants 18. If you are ever having a bad day or in a frustrating situation or arguing with your family or your friends or your enemies, think about how that person is worth everything in Gods eyes, he or she is God's glory and you do not know their life and what they are going through, God does and He love them like you don't even know. So do your best to switch your attitude and perspective to that of God's and how He sees us and I promise that your life will be so much better and that you will start to really love everyone and everything. All you have to do is search for the truth and you will find it. I know that the truth is in this church. I know that Joseph Smith was searching for the truth and read Santiago 1:5 and followed the prompting from the Spirit he got and prayed and asked God out load and God and Jesus Christ appeared to him and They said that the truth was not on the earth. I know that God called Joseph Smith to be the prophet of the restoration and restore the truth back on the earth. I know that the only way we are able to know this is through the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon changed my life because I really studied it and it made me feel soooo incredibly happy everyday just by studying it everyday and asking God if it was true. The gospel of Jesus Christ makes us truly happy. I wish I could say so much more but I do not have enough time. Just please learn for yourself and search for the truth. I know that you will find it.  
I love y'all and hope you think about the way God sees you and others and that you follow His example :)))
ay caramba!

Banff National Park

Resort area in town - No swimming for us :(

Beautiful !

Mama Elk

Chinatown in Calgary

Zone Hike


I want to just stay here in the mountains!

I love this place.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 15 - Calgary

This Sunday I will get to skype you guys. It is already here. When I say time is flying by I really mean it. It is crazy but I love it. So I will probably skype you guys at like 4:00 pm this Sunday and I will be at Julio Fernandez house. Their connection is alright I think so I hope it works out well. Also I have a ton of pictures to send because we went to BANFF and KANANASKIS this week!!!! 
So this week started off a bit rough because some of our less actives and investigators have been slowly dying off and not answering us. It is crazy how you develop a special love for the people you help and teach and then when they do not answer you or want to meet with you any more you just feel super disappointed. I remember in the MTC my Branch President said I would feel this sometimes and now I am. It is kind of like a super small portion of what Jesus Christ feels when we do not want to come unto to Him and repent. He suffered in every way possible for you and died for you so that you can be happy and live again no matter what and not experience the true consequences of sin but sometimes we do not accept Him and I can not imagine the disappointment Christ and God feels sometimes when people do not accept Them and reject Them.
So this week we have been trying really really hard to find new people who are searching for the truth and want to accept Christ and come unto Him. It has been hard and haven't found any new investigators yet but I still have so much faith. I did get a little down one day and then Elder Sanchez showed me the best song ever, it is called "Saturn Sleeping At Last" I think. While I was listening to it I was thinking and really pondering about the Atonement and about what all I have learned in the church my whole life and how grateful I am for my family and the childhood I have had because of the gospel, the church, and the Atonement. Then I started to tear up and feel the Spirit super strongly. Elder Christofferson said that being grateful and saying a prayer of gratitude really invites the Spirit. So I was doing this and then towards the end of the song I was looking a the cover of Predicad Mi Evangelio of Christ being baptized and how badly I want to become like Christ and be able to teach like Him but then still how even if I was as great as Jesus Christ when He was here on the earth, some people would still reject me. So then I got one of the most comforting feelings I have ever felt, that I am doing good and that God is pleased with my efforts and loves me, loves me more than anything. Then the last line of the song says something like "how beautiful and truly rare it is that we even exist" and as I heard this line I read "Nuestro Padre Celestial." Even if God didn't exist, even if you do not believe in God and Jesus Christ, think to yourself.. "how beautiful and rare it is that we even exist" if you are struggling with something right now or feeling sad right now, really ponder about how rare and beautiful it is that we exist and go outside and look at everything and listen to everything. It is truly amazing. Then ask yourself how did this come about? How am I able to live here and be able to think about all of this? I am here to tell you that it is because of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Once you come to realize that God the Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit truly exist and come to know Them, then you will find true happiness within yourself and realize how incredible you are. You are a child of God :) and He loves you. I figured this out by reading the Book of Mormon and being a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I pray that you will all pray about this church and the Book of Mormon to see if it is true. If you do, I know that God will answer your prayer through His Spirit or through an experience you have or something. He will answer your prayer if you truly desire for it. And once your prayer is answered you will be truly happy and want to share your knowledge and joy with others. 
I am loving my mission so much. I love the Spanish language. I love Jesus Christ and know He is our Savior and that we must follow Him and accept Him and follow His teachings and repent and be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and enjoy to the end to be truly happy. :))) 
Elder Proctor

Canada is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Wow, just...Wow

P-day hike in Banff National Park

Awesome river

Yes, it is that gorgeous...

Companionship Study in Banff National Park = awesomeness

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