Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week 20 - Calgary

Transferencias este semana! Estoy animado y nervioso jaja
Wow! I really can not believe that I am already sitting here again. It is crazy how fast time is going! Ya es Junio!!!! This week I will no longer be a "greeny" and I will be done being trained and I have no idea where I could go or where others will go this transfer. Half of the Spanish program thinks I am going to the north or east part of Calgary and going to work in the Spanish ward and the other half thinks that I am going to stay and Elder Sanchez is going to leave. I have no clue what will happen but I will know tomorrow night and let you guys know next week! I am really excited to see what happens because no matter where I go I know I will be happy.
"A donde me mandes ire, Senor, a montanas o islas del mar, Dire lo que quieras que diga, Senor, y lo que Tu quieres, sere" I love this song so much. We sang it during zone training meeting and while everyone is singing in English I always pull out my Himnos and sing in Spanish haha I love it.
So this week we were not able to meet with any of our investigators because they were all too busy or on vacation or sick but that did not stop us from working. We taught a lot of less actives and members this week and all of them were awesome. No matter where you are along the path of conversion, know that there is still so much more to learn and things that you have to work on and things you can improve on, everything we do in the Gospel is to show our love for Heavenly Father and really effects our life for the better because Heavenly Father blesses us. Every prayer we say, every scripture we read, every person we help, every smile we give, every commandment we keep, every time we go to church, there are awesome blessings that God gives to us. And one thing that I have really noticed this week is how true Moroni 7:12-19 is. Even if people do not believe in God, He is still there and they are created by Him. They have the light of Christ with them. Every good thing that we do there is a feeling that comes with it. Every bad thing we do there is a feeling that comes with it. Because we have the light of Christ with us we are able to discern between good and evil. But now you have to figure out what is good and what is bad. You can figure it out by experimenting with different things. I have experimented with different things and now that I have experimented with the Book of Mormon there really is no question for me that we have a Heavenly Father and a Savior and Creator. All things good come from God. All things bad come from the devil. There is a lot to learn about this and that is why we have to experiment with it like Alma says in Alma 32:27. If you just exercise a particle of faith then it will grow, we will learn. And as James 2:26 says "For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead" so we have to work for it just like with everything else in life. If you have faith that you will be the best at something like football, basketball, fixing cars, racing, teaching, or anything and do not work for it, you will not succeed. If you have faith that you will be saved by Christ but do not exercise and show your faith then you will not succeed, you will not be saved. There are so many amazing things to learn and it is all in the word of God. If you experiment upon the word of God like Alma says in Alma 32:27 I know your faith will start to grow no matter where you are in your path of conversion. I know the word of God comes from prophets. The prophets wrote the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Their words are the word of God. I know that we have prophets today. The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. We are blessed to have prophets today. I know that some people do not believe it but I know it is true for myself because I have experimented it. My life has changed so much because of this. I am happy because of this. All we have to do is have faith and work and experiment and as we do we will be happy. We will have true happiness. I know that I have true happiness right now because of this gospel. I just want to share it with others and help them feel what I feel which is the Holy Spirit.
I am running out of time again! I have like 3 awesome stories to share but not enough time! Agh well just know that I am learning so much and enjoying my mission and experiencing amazing things every day. Canada is absolutely beautiful. After my mission we have got to come here as a family. I love you all so much and am so happy for all of yall. It sounds like yall are doing awesome and enjoying the start of the summer. I am too :)))))
Zone Training Meeting

Canada is Awesome!