Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Week 23 - Calgary

Realmente estoy bien feliz con mi mission.
AGHHAGAHGHHH!!! So happy and excited for Ruth and Kim!! That is sooooo cool :) and I loooove hearing from all of you! Dad and Landon going to scout camp and sweating through the fun and Chrissy going to girls camp and doing that color run and Bryce going to SFA camp and then yall got to see FINDING DORY!?! Agh I can not wait to see that with yall when I get home. And then Mason enjoying Utah and dating Allie and all yall are going to visit Utah at the end of next week!? SO AWESOME! I feel like I am on cloud 9 right now haha. Just smiling and enjoying being here helping others while yall are doing great and fun things down there. No doubt in my mind God is blessing us because we are living the gospel and that our family is being strengthened. LO AMO!! :D
So we were not able to meet with Marlon this week or any of our investigators because they are either busy with work or going on vacation or we can not get a hold of them. The awesome thing is that even though there are some weeks like this when you can not meet with your investigators or you do not have any you always have amazing experiences if you are just being obedient and always looking for something to do, no matter what mission you are in I know this is true. So this week we helped 5 people move and 2 of them was just some people we saw moving out close to our apartment and the other we were just walking downtown. The one close to our apartment they were from Nigeria and I have no clue what language they were speaking but we just went over there and said can we help? and they all said "Yes!! Do you serve God?" and we said yes and they said "GOOOOODD!!" it was so funny and their English was not very good and I really don't know how to say there names or spell them soooo yeah haha. They looked soooo happy when we came to help them and really just seeing them smile and try to speak English and say what we were doing is good was so sweet. Then the other one was super cool too, well all of them are awesome but I can not share all of them. OH YEAH! I will share this one! So this new English investigator some other Elders have needed help with a move but they could not go so we did. So Elder Windham and I decide to walk there because it was kind of close to our apartment and also Calgary is just absolutely beautiful right now so a lot of people are out walking and biking and stuff so we get there and she is just a super nice and sweet old lady named Lyla and we get to helping her move everything into the truck and talk and get to know her and half way through she gives us some water and brings out her dog named Bubbles and he could do some awesome tricks haha like across the room you would point your fingers like a gun and say bang and he would fall over and play dead until you say something and he would give you high fives and stuff but anyways haha then after we got all done she gives us thanks and then she stops and gets quiet and lowers her voice and asks "Do you know that Jesus Christ is real?" and we say yes for sure and then she asks "Have you seen Him?" and we say no and like not in this life we have not and then she goes on about how she sees Jesus Christ almost everyday and talks to Him face to face just like she is talking to us and how she sees angels they talk to her and they give her power and that her greatest power is to heal. So then I was like woooow that's amazing and start to ask her what does Jesus Christ and the angels look like and what do they say and if she writes all of it down because that is what you are supposed to do so you can remember and show others and stuff like that and I was asking genuinely because this is really what she believes so I want to know. So she starts telling us these crazy stories of how great she is because she can heal people and she already has eternal life and then she compares it to the Mormon church and says the Mormons do not have any miracles and stories like this, but then Elder Windham shares this awesome story of him and his bishop back home giving a priesthood blessing to his little brother who had scoliosis and then just a day later it was gone and was healed. And then she asks why there is no archaeological proof of the Book of Mormon but there is for the Bible and then we got into that and then we talked a lot about the trinity and what she was saying made no sense of how God the Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are one being but come in different forms and then we shared the intercessory prayer in John 17 (one of the coolest chapters ever, you should read it) and what Gods purpose is for us and why He sent His Son Jesus Christ to suffer and die for us. She just argued with us and then we shared Acts 7:55-60 which is another incredible scripture and story about Stephen and she just said we have to go back and see what the original bible says in Greek and stuff and we said ok we will do that. And then she kept on going on about how we will never be like God and we are always sinning and everything we do is bad and when she started saying stuff like this for some reason I just got this super bad and sad feeling and then I was thinking nooooooo and then I sort of interrupted her and started bearing my testimony of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and of the Holy Spirit and of the Book of Mormon and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and how I was able to overcome the West Nile Virus, anxiety and depression disorders, sins that I had committed in the past, all because of studying and praying about the Book of Mormon. I know the Book of Mormon is true. Through the Book of Mormon all my questions were answered. I was healed. My thoughts, actions, behavior, and the way I looked at people all changed because of learning of Jesus Christ through the Book of Mormon. Now I have the desire to help people and to do good things always and to not sin. I testified to her that because of the Book of Mormon I am here serving this mission and Elder Windham and I helped you because we want to do good things and not sin and help others. There is no way that what we just did was a sin or bad. We are trying to do what Jesus Christ would do. My greatest desire is to have the love and charity that Jesus Christ has so I can help people. The only way we can do this is through His Atonement. So after I said all of this her countenance changed and said "wow" and asked me some questions about the West Nile Virus and I answered them. Then we invited her to read and study the Book of Mormon and pray about it for herself and figure it out for herself. She said she would and thanked us again for helping her. It was so awesome. It is truly amazing how we are literally worth nothing and everything is pointless without Jesus Christ. We have no power, we have no worth, we are no good, but because of Jesus Christ and His Atonement everything changes. We can change, we can repent. We must have faith. I love this gospel and know it is true. I hope and pray that every one in the world will read and study the Book of Mormon and pray about the Book of Mormon and do as Moroni says, Moroni 10:2-7. You will feel happy and change and experience the greatest joy if you follow the word of God. You will feel the Holy Spirit. I promise you. 
I love yall so much and am so happy that we have Jesus Christ and know His gospel. We just have to live it aanannnddd SHARE IT! :)))
Sisters made Cupcakes for my Birthday!
They are awesome!!