Thursday, July 21, 2016

Week 25 - Calgary

Estoy celoso! Yo quiero estar en Utah con ustedes! Pero realmente estoy disfrutandolo aqui :))) ‏

So this email is going to be a little different to say the least haha. I have to say this week was really rough because I came up with an illness that took me out of commission for a few days. I reported to President and Sister Miles and they said looks like you will have a ton of time to do personal study! They were right haha. So that afternoon I studied some of the Atonement talks again and one of my favorite talk of all time is "In the Strength of the Lord" by Elder Bednar. It truly has helped me through so much, some of my mission, when I was trying to get over anxiety, and then what was happening this week. I really would love all of yall to study it and read all the scripture references with it and do what it says because it is just that great. So that night I thought it would be a little bit better but it got a lot worse when I went to bed that night. There was no position I could make without it hurting. So I asked for a priesthood blessing and Elder Windham, Elder Thompson, and Elder Christensen all gave me a blessing. Through the entire blessing I was just thinking, I know this is literally no pain compared to what Jesus Christ has felt and even not a lot of pain compared to what others have felt but please let this pain go away soon and then I thought of the talk by Elder Bednar and I changed my thought process. I prayed that according to my faith which is in Christ, please help me to have the strength of the Lord and to endure this because this is what God wants me to endure. Also to do what the doctor says and to have a good attitude and to still be diligent in all that I can do and know that all is well because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and my righteous desires. After the blessing nothing really changed except my thoughts. Even though I was in a lot of pain I felt at peace and I felt the Spirit. I cried some because of how little of pain we have to go through to experience so much joy and to receive incomprehensibly great blessings from God like the gift of the Holy Ghost and eternal life and our family. Christ grace is truly incredible. So that night I slept maybe 2 hours and then half way through the next day it started to get just a little bit better. Then another day of studying and watching church movies which was awesome. I learned a lot and it really invigorated me to work harder when I get better and then half way through Friday all of a sudden it got sooooo much better and I was sooo happy. I was literally singing haha you can ask my companion. And another thing is how awesome and sweet and nice other missionaries are. Like all the missionaries from my zone did something nice for me. I love them all so much haha they are awesome and funny. So ever since then it has gotten a lot better and right now I am sitting here almost all better. Sister Miles said I was not allowed to play basketball :((( haha but it doesn't matter because we found this girl named Nayeli from Mexico and she had only been here for 3 days! and she is 18 and was kind of lost so we helped her. Another funny and awesome story that I do not have time to write. So we are going to met her downtown with her friends today and have a lesson! Also we have a lesson with Gloria tomorrow so everything is going goooood!! Also I am finally losing my fear of speaking Spanish and knowing what I am actually saying and am able to understand a ton. I am loving it so much. Sometimes I am just like I can not believe how far I have come in just 5 and half months! I am so happy and am still improving. I am ready to work this week!! :D

I love yall sooooo much and can not believe how big Landon is. He is like as tall as you MOM!?! I loved those pics dad and am so happy that yall are having a great time in Utah and got to meet Allie! She sounds super awesome. I won't meet her for a year and half haha. So crazy how we had a pic of Mason when he was gone and now its me! SO COOL! Time is flying by and I am enjoying every minute of it :))

Love Elder Proctor

Birthday Boy!

New mission vehicle - this is how we roll...

Thanks Mom!!

Party Time!!

Walk of shame, I feel like I'm at summer camp...
Slenderman family is in Calgary... Yikes!

Beautiful river in Calgary