Thursday, July 28, 2016

Week 26 - Calgary

Nada mejor que la mision de Calgary en Espanol:

I do not have a ton of time because first I forgot the key to the Stake Center where we email so we had to drive back and get it and then I had to write a long letter to President Miles because we had a meeting with the Spanish program to talk about finding people to teach and what is our mission vision, like what we want to do with our mission and the time we have to serve with all of our time and efforts. It was a really awesome meeting but anyways here is an amazing miracle! So last Friday we finally got to teach Rodrigo, one of our menos activos for the first time in like a month. I taught him with Elder Sanchez and Elder Bailey many times before. He has a pretty sad story. About 6 years ago he was married and sealed to his wife in a temple in Mexico and was baptized a year before that and then about 3 years ago his wife left him. He has not been to church since more than 2 years. So the lesson we had with him last Friday we decided to teach him the lessons from Predicad Mi Evangelio really in depth. So we taught him the first 3 points of the lesson, Dios es nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial, el Evangelio bendice a las familias, y nuestro Padre Celestial revela Su Evangelio en cada dispensacion. It was super awesome because he was talking more and usually he does not because he is just super chill and pretty quiet. And also when we asked him to say the opening prayer he immediately said yes and said a really awesome prayer. He used to not do that and did not even pray when I was there with Elder Sanchez. So that was awesome and really invited the Spirit. Throughout the lesson the Spirit just kept getting stronger. Then as we started to talk about prophets he mentioned that he read the story about Nephi building a boat and how the Lord touched some stones and then we explained to him that those are 2 different stories haha. Then we all flipped over to the end of Eter 2 and Eter 3 and we all read it and every 3 verses we talked about it kind of like we did in the MTC, it was super spiritual and awesome. We talked about how amazing the faith of the brother of Jared is and how if we have faith we can see the hand of the Lord touch our lives just like the brother of Jared. I testified to him that I have seen the hand of the Lord in my life, not literally but I have felt Him touch my heart through His Holy Spirit and I know that He loves me and has helped get to where I am today and that without the Book of Mormon, the word of God, the writings of the prophets, I would not be on this mission right now, I would not want to help others come unto Christ and experience the joy that comes from it. It was also super cool because my Spanish has improved quite a bit this past month so I was able to rely my thoughts better. Then he said he wanted to have the faith of the brother of Jared and to have a spiritual experience. So we committed him to read the story again after we left and pray. Then this Sunday he went to church!!! For the first time in 2 years! I was freaking out and soooooo happy. He had to leave after Sacrament meeting because he works on Sundays but man it was amazing. I am so dangum happy :)))) I love missionary work sooooo much. Also I want yall to think about how happy God is when we take a big step or a small step towards Him and show our faith more or be more obedient or show more love to our friends or brothers and sisters. Think of the joy that our Father in Heaven has when we choose the right. Also read Ether 2 and 3 so you can see how awesome it is if you have faith and pray and do what the Lord commands. Miracles will happen and you will be happy! It is really simple, you just have to do it.

I love yall soooooo much and enjoyed looking at those pictures of all of yall in Utah!!! SOO AAWESOME! and I remember Cascade Springs clearly and walking off by myself and thinking to myself how amazing Gods creation is and how Mason is on his mission and one day I will be on my mission. It is that day! Time is truly flying by and in 2 days I will be out for 6 months!?!?! WHAT!? So crazy. Never waste your time and use your time wisely. Thats something I have learned here. Also this week is already transfers!! Unbelievable. Since I came out it was 2 7 week transfers and this one was a 6 week transfer so it has flown by. And apparently the next one is a 5 week transfer so it will go by even faster. Anyways I am doing absolutely great and all better now. I really hope I stay here and do not get transfered but we will see on Thursday and I will let you know next Monday! Time to send pics!

...why it is not a good idea to set a plastic plate on a hot burner...


Tug o war with primary kids.. fun stuff!

Sweet new mission car... just sayin

maybe we need a splash guard for our back wheel???