Thursday, August 25, 2016

Week 27 - Calgary

La fe es la mejor. Si tenemos fe, Dios nos fortalecera ‏

Wow, I do not know where to start.. this week was so awesome and amazing and fun!! Also I really can not believe how fast time is going and how much I am enjoying my mission and how much it has helped me. I have learned so much already and feel so much different since I left. Serving a mission is the best thing in the world. Alright so I will start off with last Friday, so we called President Miles to see if we could go to this Latino Expo downtown and told him how awesome it would be to see all those Latinos and talk with them and share some messages about Christ and President Miles was all in for it and told us to call all the Spanish missionaries and tell them to go!!! haha awesome right!  So we went to a Latino Expo Saturday downtown and it was soooo awesome! There really is no better food than latino food, that is one thing I have learned on my mission haha y me encanta comida picante tanto!! Tacos, flautas, empanadas, arroz con apollo, and so many other things. Then the dancing and the music is just so much fun but of course I was not able to go and dance which was pretty hard. When I get home I want to learn how to dance. Anyways we got to talk with a ton of people and it is so funny how almost every time they ask where did you learn Spanish and we say here in Calgary and they are always so shocked and then we tell them we will be here for 2 years and we came here to learn Spanish and then they are confused because why would we come to Calgary to learn Spanish haha and then we start to explain the mission and how it works and they always think its super cool and a super hard job. We did get to share a couple of messages with people about Jesus Christ and the restoration but they were not really interested. It was still really nice to be there though and share what we do. I absolutely loved it and will send some pics. Alright so I have time to tell one story! Wait no I will tell 2 quick stories.

So we had a first lesson with Omar from Argentina y Beti from Mexico and their family. They have 3 hijas and they all have the same birthday and we taught them on their birthdays! haha so that was cool and crazy. Anyways we got through half of the points in the lesson and when we got to the life of Jesus Christ, Omar asked "why is there pain in the world and so much of it and sometimes it is too much to bear?" then we shared the story we had with Cecilia last week and the pain she went through and then shared Juan 16:33 and then I shared a little bit of what I have been through and we testified that there is opposition in all things and that if we have faith in God then He will strengthen us so much and through faith in Jesus Christ all things are possible and that He has already overcome the world so He knows how to help us and give us strength so that we can overcome anything that comes our way. Then we all went one by one sharing one sentence or word that describes Jesus Christ and His atonement and then explain why. It was so cool and the Spirit was definitely there and when it came to me I said "amor" and shared how important the Atonement is and how He did it for me personally out of love and then for each one of us. We should not have any fear whatsoever in anything because we have faith in Jesus Christ.

Now for the other quick story, we got a call from la familia Galvan and asked us if we could give there baby a priesthood blessing because he had been super sick and then after the blessing we followed up with our last message about the Atonement from "The Atonement and the Value of One Soul" by Elder M. Russell Ballard (yall should study it! and then we shared a message about faith and the story of Peter and Jesus Christ walking on water and how we should not fear because Jesus Christ will always be there to extend His arm to us and save us, all we have to do is show our faith and reach for His arm and grab it and He will lift us up and give us strength to overcome anything and be able to do what He can do. We will live and see miracles if we have faith in Jesus Christ and show it. Faith in Jesus Christ really is the best. Without faith in Jesus Christ this life would be meaningless. I have faith in Jesus Christ and it is growing everyday. Because of my faith in Jesus Christ and His church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I am happy and I am having the best time of my life.

I know that this is Jesus Christ church and that He directs it through His prophet Thomas S. Monson and His apostles. I know that the church of Jesus Christ was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith because He showed His faith through prayer and then God gave Him strength and answered his prayer in the first vision. And I know that Heavenly Father loves us because He gave us His Son Jesus Christ. I am so happy to be able to share this with others here in Calgary. My mission really is the best.

I love all of yall so much and cant believe that it is already the end of summer. So crazy. I will be home before I know it so I gotta get to work!!

Calgary Lantino festival!

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