Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 30 - Calgary

El bautismo y la confirmacion

I just have to say that every single week of my mission and every single day is like the best. I probably could not choose the best day or week of my mission so far, it is just all of it! This week was really incredible, so the night before the baptism of Gloria, we taught Rene the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was a perfect lesson like all of our lessons with him and we brought Hermano Ruiz who is a super strong member and is really funny and just a great fellowshipper for everyone. I have to say it was pretty weird not having Elder McLaren there. OH YEAH!! haha so this is soooo crazy!! So one of our Zone Leader Elder Moffit went up to be AP (assistant to the President) and so President Miles asked if Elder McLaren could go with Elder Winkle our other zone leader until the end of the transfer which is English speaking. Elder Tate and I were pretty shocked because our Spanish still is not the best and some people we can not understand well but we could struggle through it. So Elder McLaren had to pack up everything that night and leave in the morning. Then, that morning President Miles calls us again at 7:00am and asks if Elder Tate and I can train!!!! haha Elder Tate and I were soooooo shocked and President Miles said he has prayed about it and know that this is what the Lord wants and he knows we can do it. That gave us some comfort but WOW! I am the oldest in the companionship with Elder Tate and then this Wednesday we are going to pick up our new Elder we are going to train and teach him Spanish. My mind is just blown that I have been out for 7 months and that I can understand and speak somewhat good Spanish and that I am about to train!

So yeah anyways Elder Tate and I taught Rene the gospel of Jesus Christ the night before Glorias baptism and it was so cool to explain to him everything and how baptism symbolizes so many things like us dying in the water and then all of our sins are washed away and we leave our old life behind and make our first covenant to really follow Jesus Christ and his teachings. Rene just loves it all and really soaks it all in and wants to change and do everything we say. I have really realized with teaching Rene how little work I do. Really it all just depends on how worthy my companion and I are to teach and to have the power of the Holy Ghost when we teach because the Holy Ghost is the teacher. Also it just depends on whether the person is prepared to receive the gospel and change their life and come unto Christ or not. Let me tell you this, Rene is READY! So the next day, Saturday at 7:00, was the baptism of Gloria and Rene came and I just have to say that it was one of the best experiences I have had in my life. I was sitting next to Rene in the front row of chairs and then Gloria and Elder WIndham come out in their white baptismal clothes and Gloria site next to me so I am in between Gloria and Rene, I asked Gloria how she felt and she said really nervous. Then the service begins. All of the talks were so good and I felt the Holy Ghost so much. I could tell Gloria was really touched by the love the members in the branch showed to her. I love the branch so much. Then it was time for Gloria to be baptized and Elder Tate and I were the witnesses. The baptismal font area was pretty big so I was inside of the room and had a perfect view of Elder Windham baptizing her. It was so beautiful. Then right after they shut the doors immediately but I was still inside haha. It was perfect though because I got the sweetest picture ever of Gloria falling into Elder Windham's arms and giving him thanks and crying. Elder Windham started to tear up too. I will never forget that. Then I walked out and sat back down and then Elder Windham and then Gloria and I asked her how she felt now and she just whispered with a huge smile on her face "bien." :) Then after the service Elder Tate and I talked to Rene and he said he really felt the Spirit and is nervous about his baptism on the 24th of September but I told him what Gloria said and told him he can do it and he said yes I can do it. It was so cool and then we took a couple of pictures.

The work of the Lord is really the best. There is nothing better than it. All it does is bring you true happiness, invite others to come unto Christ and share your testimony that you have of Him. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He lives and because He lives and was resurrected, we will be resurrected and live again too. He has overcome death and has also overcome the penalties of our sins. I absolutely love this scripture Alma 7:11-13. We can repent and change and come unto Him and He will help us to do so. He knows what we have been through and what we are going through. He has a perfect knowledge of us and knows exactly what we need and how to help us. All we have to do is come unto Him. I love Him and know that His hand is always extended towards us and all we have to do is put just a little effort and reach for his hand and He will do the rest and save us. I know this because of the Holy Ghost and the joy that living the gospel of Jesus Christ brings to me.

Last thing is that I really love and miss each one of y'all a lot. I pray and think about y'all daily. But I also gotta say that serving a mission and forgetting about yourself and losing yourself n the work of the Lord is the best thing ever. It truly is the best :)) time to send the sweetest pictures ever!

Love, Elder Proctor

Gloria and her daughter

Elder McLaren packing up his flag

Wonderful member - Rene