Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 32 - Calgary

Muchas lecciones y experiencias:

Really, how is it Monday again!?!? It is so crazy and weird how fast the time is flying by right now. It seems like it's going by faster and faster and the days keep getting better and better. Yesterday at church during Sacrament meeting I got to pass the sacrament to Rene and then sit next to him during Sacrament meeting. He is progressing faster than any investigator ever and is a huge example of faith for me and just doing and following what the Lord has commanded us to do. And during one of the talks I just started to realize how far I have come and really think about our family and Mason going on his mission in Tokyo Japan and him being able to understand everything and speak Japanese now I am here in Canada and am able to understand almost everything clearly in Spanish and speak it. I thought of going to Mason's farewell talk before he left for Japan and that was my first time back to church in like a year and then I got y'all's package with all the pictures of us with Mason being home and our trip to Utah and that awesome Halloween last year and how next month it will already be October and all of the temples we have been to and just all of these thoughts and feelings of love and memories within our family (I love yall so much and Thank you so much for the package!!!) and I felt the Spirit so strongly and though all of this while Hermano Fernandez was giving a talk on the laws and ordinances of the gospel and keeping the commandments and agency. I really can't describe all the thoughts and feelings I had in that moment but really it was just love and happiness and peace knowing that God has restored His gospel through His prophet Joseph Smith and we have a prophet today, Thomas S. Monson, and if we live the gospel of Jesus Christ and follow the prophet and forget about ourselves and help others then God will bless us and our families and I really have seen the differences between families who don't live the gospel and those that do, I want y'all to always remember that we can't just read the scriptures and say prayers and have love and peace in home but we have to actually live it and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and love each other and show it! Be nice and don't be prideful but be humble and patient.

So yeah anyways the past 3 days have been incredible because we have taught 8 lessons!! Most ever on my mission. 2 were with Rene and we taught him keeping the Sabbath day holy and the law of the fast and fast offerings and tithing. He loves it all and is ready to put it in practice. He has so much faith and is changing so much and it's so amazing! He still has not drank since he called us the first time and he said ever since we started to meet with him, his daughter has been doing better and went to rehab because she was addicted to drugs and he said she has been improving since we started to meet and when she gets out he wants us to meet with her too! Sooooo. Cooooool. Then one of our other lessons was with Omar and Beti. Omar is from Venezuela and Beti is from Mexico. We taught them the last half of the plan of salvation. It was so cool because they said that this is all new stuff and that we are teaching them and they said it was super interesting and they look forward to learning more and they finally said that once they feel the Holy Ghost that they know the Book of Mormon is true they want to be baptized. They are progressing slowly but surely. Then we also cleared up a super important thing with Beti, she thought we worshipped Joseph Smith! Haha and we were like nooooo and explained that Jesus Christ is our Savior and no one else and we just worship God, Joseph Smith was just an obedient man who followed Jesus Christ and just like all the other prophets who have lived. Joseph Smith is just the prophet of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She was like ohhhhhh because the other missionaries who taught us a long time ago made it sound like y'all worshipped Joseph Smith and we were like WHAT?! Haha so apparently missionaries from a long time ago like 5 years ago taught them the first lesson and then didn't meet with them again. But we are teaching them now so it's all good haha.

Alright so I don't have too much more time but I want to share one more experience. These past couple of weeks I have had a bunch of deep questions and thoughts in my mind about some of the things of God and how I don't understand them completely and I think it was really effecting me and me bearing testimony of what I know to be true like the plan of salvation and the restoration and everything and whenever I was at the top of the mountain Lady MacDonald I wasn't really doubting at all but I was just questioning on how God created all of this and how small people are and how He loves us all so much individually and knows us and answers our prayers all at the same time and helps us and how there are so many people who do not have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. Then a couple of days later while I was doing my personal study of my scriptures I was just staring at the picture of Jesus Christ I have on my wall and of Thomas S. Monson and of the latter day prophets and of y'all, my family, for like 30 minutes just thinking about my life and God and then I prayed to have more faith and then I flipped open my Book of Mormon to 1 Nefi 11:17 and Nefi says, "Sé que ama a sus hijos; sin embargo, no sé el significado de todas las cosas." When I read that I just started to cry. The knowledge that God, all powerful all knowing, omniscient and omnipresent, loves me and all of us, for me, surpasses everything else, we don't need to know everything and know the why and how of everything, we just need to know that God loves us and with that knowledge we will really follow Him and come unto Christ and we will be happy and understand the great importance of living the gospel and being nice and loving to our family and friends and everyone and sharing the gospel with them. This is my testimony, that if we study the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His life and live His gospel, then everything else in our lives will fall into place, we will understand how life works and why we are here, we will change and the earth will be like heaven and we would all forget about ourselves and and be lost in helping others because we would truly love them like Jesus Christ does. We would not be selfish, we would not be prideful, we would only do the things that Jesus Christ would do, we would be more like Him. I love Him and will worship Him forever. He is my friend and my example. My greatest desire is to be like Him and show the love that He showed to the human family. 

My love for each one of you has grown so much since I have been out here serving Jesus Christ and studying His atoning sacrifice and His gospel and sharing it with others. I really can't wait to see y'all again on Christmas and eventually return home and hug y'all like crazy and share ALL the stories and memories I have made with being out here but right now I am here and I must share the blessings that we have, with others. I love doing this work so much. I hope y'all are doing missionary work down there in Nacogdoches too!!! Well time to send a bunch of pics now! :D

Viva Mexico! (in Canada)

Elder Tate and Me

Calgary City

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