Thursday, September 22, 2016

Week 33 - Calgary

Ya es lunes y estoy escribiendo otra vez?! Como??
Entonces this week was really special and one of the best but I can really say that about every week of my mission haha. I don't have a lot of time because my zone is going to the Calgary Zoo!! So I will try my best to tell you just some of the miracles that happened this week and then send some awesome pics!! Oh yeah and I forgot to tell y'all that I am district leader too! Haha so when Elder Tate and I got the training call President Miles called me to be the district leader too and that has been pretty awesome and fun. Anyways so last Saturday we got to go to the Calgary temple!!!! We went because Miguel Pompa is about to go on his mission to Argentina and so he got his endowments done! A lot of the awesome amazing members in the branch went to support him as well. Let me just tell you that it was definitely one of the most memorable and amazing moments on my mission. It was just us from the branch who were there in the session and then at the end as we started to enter the celestial room each one of us walked over to Miguel and hugged him and then Miguel just started to cry and it was like the sweetest thing ever because Miguel isn't the type of guy who you would ever think to cry but he did and there really is just something about the members here that is so special. They are so close and love each other so much and are just so amazing. I felt the Spirit so strongly and don't have a doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us and if we follow Them and love Them and live the gospel then our families and friends will be blessed and we will truly find that happiness and peace and joy that our souls are looking for. I will never forget the incredible love and happiness that I felt, the Spirit I felt when we were in the celestial room. It was also super cool because along the whole process of Miguel sending in his papers and preparing for his mission we have helped him along the way and after he went through the temple he said he doesn't have any worries or bad feelings at all about going. He is just ready and super excited. He is going to kill it out there! I'm so excited for him. Now for another miracle, Rene is getting baptized this Friday!!! It's already here! I will be sure to send pics of it. He came to church yesterday and all of the members congratulated him and said they look forward to being there on Friday. So sweet and really he has already gotten comfortable with church and everything. He has progressed so much and so fast!! He talks during gospel principals class and in priesthood meetings and isn't afraid to pray at all anymore. And also last night we watched the movie "the Restoration" with him and WOOOW!! The Spirit was so strong in there and Rene said his favorite part was how Joseph Smith said that no book or anything can replace the bible and that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. That movie is so well done and we all loved it. And really Rene has committed to everything we have taught him and is keeping all of the commandments and still has not drunk since he called us, it really just blows my mind. In just the space of 1 month all of this change has happened. Watching him change/repent and show his faith in Jesus Christ has really built my testimony more of just how the gospel works. I have had so many investigators who say they don't want to get baptize until they know more or receive an answer but they don't do anything to receive an answer or know more! All you have to do is stop being lazy or don't overwork yourself to where you literally have no time which actually isn't true because you can always make time or you do have time, you just have to meet with the missionaries and actually do what they say to see if it really does come from God. Read and study the Book of Mormon and then pray about it. Keep the commandments. Go to church and learn and feel the Spirit. Alma 32:28 it's an awesome scripture. But still it falls short if you are not searching for the truth of it and are not trying to live the teachings of the gospel because you will not feel the Spirit and the Spirit will testify to you that it is true. So lose your pride and ask God humbly with real intent if you are on the right path and I promise you He will give an answer whether it be through the joy and blessings you are receiving from Him or it be through a miracle or through the power of the Holy Ghost. Just do it! And then once you do, don't stop. Live the gospel of Jesus Christ and you will experience a full joy and happiness that you can't find anywhere else. I am running out of time but I just want to say that I love y'all and am so happy that I am here serving Jesus Christ and others here in Calgary, it is such a beautiful and amazing city.
I love missionary work so much and am learning so many important things that I would not have learned if I did not choose to serve a mission. There are just a few times where it can be hard but really it is soooo worth it!! I love it and I love our Savior Jesus Christ and I know that He lives and His Atonement is real and His gospel has been restored through His prophet Joseph Smith and it is true. Because I know that this is true I am here and loving life. I hope and pray that as each one of y'all live the gospel that y'all will have that full joy and happiness in your life and feel the Spirit and truly love and enjoy life whether the times be rough or smooth, depressing or fulfilling, sad or happy, tragic or miraculous, living the gospel makes it all well. All is well because of Jesus Christ. :))
And also.    FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MASÓN!!!!! "Estoy sintiendo 22 oooo oooo o ooo" :P

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