Thursday, October 6, 2016

Week 35 - Calgary

Hola familia! Les quiero y les extraño!
So I'll jump right into it! During general conference this weekend I felt the Spirit sooo much and at times I thought of y'all and us all sitting together and watching it and even though we are in different places I felt that we were together still. During the talk by that Japanese seventy Yamashita really got to me. I thought a lot about how much going on a mission blesses all those you serve, even sometimes your mission president (such a cool story), and also it really blesses your family. I thought of when Mason left to Japan and the hard times he had had and also the language. (Japan is so cool) Then how immediately after he left I started to gain my testimony of the Book of Mormon by studying it everyday and praying. Also I just felt a big change with Mason being gone.  Now I am gone and serving my mission and have gone through some hard things and have had a lot of trouble learning the language. But now I am able to speak it and Mason can speak Japanese! Really we can do anything if we have faith in Christ, everything is possible if we have faith in Christ, even learning a language you never thought you could learn. Then tons of other thoughts and feeling came to my mind about how much living the gospel blesses the family. Then I said a quick prayer of gratitude during his talk to Heavenly Father for my family and the gospel and my mission and then the strongest feeling of.. well Galatians 5:22-23 and Philippians 4:7 describe the feeling I had. It surpassed all my understanding. I felt the Spirit like I never had before. I felt the pure love of Jesus Christ that He has for all of us. I was just so happy and content and felt so much peace. When I felt it I said to myself "this is why I am here, to share this with others." 
I'm going to try to write fast because we are going to do a service at 11:45 for this lady who has one leg, her name is Mary and she is awesome and she's a long story haha so maybe another time I'll write about her. So I want to tell y'all about Geomaira and her kids! So. Two Thursday's ago we went to ESL(English class) Usually about half the class is Latino so about 8. There we met Geomaira who's been in Canada for just a month! She is from Ecuador. It was her first time at the class. She speaks great English considering on how long she's been here. At the end we talked to her and offered to teach her and her kids English. She was so happy and that made my night because we had had a long day with people rejecting us. Her kids are Danny she's 9 and Mateo he's 5. They're so awesome and cute and just speak Spanish. So last Wednesday we went to the house of her brother-in-law where their family is staying and taught them how to say I am hungry, tired, smart etc. and it was great. It blew the kids minds that "ser" and "estar" are the same word in English haha it means "to be." At the end we shared with them who we are and all that we do and why we are here as missionaries and Geomaira thought it was really cool and said we can meet again next Wednesday. But then last Sunday we get a call from her and she said that she has been looking into our church and she is super interested and needs questions answered!! (Missionaries dream) so we meet her at the library and teach her the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and she loves it. It was such an incredible first lesson. We answered all her questions and one of them was "so girls aren't allowed to play sports or workout in your church?" And we were like what???? Of course girls can play sports and workout! Haha we told her about and and that's where you will find the real stuff.  Anyone can say anything on the Internet. So she was happy about that haha. She was supposed to come to conference yesterday but she called us and said she was busy at the house and couldn't make it. Sadly her husband is completely against religion and she told us that so that's pretty rough. It's ok though, I really feel like she is going to progress.
Alright so here is the crazy cool things that happened this week! I got to do 2 baptismal interviews this week! Well 1 and a half. The half one was with the Hermanas Amaller and Calls investigator who is 95 years old!!! Yeah 95. Her name is Mama Lola and she is so cute. Like in a old way haha she's so funny. I also gave her a priesthood blessing before the interview because she kept saying "tengo miedo tengo miedo no puedo no puedo hacerlo" she was scared about going under water but after the blessing and Hermana Amaller talked to her she felt better. So she can't really see out of one eye and can't really hear out of one ear so we kinda have to yell at her and be close to her for her to hear us. So I had to leave with the zone leader when the interview started because we went on exchanges (btw exchanges made me so happy that I serve Spanish speaking! English was still fun though). So here is Elder Tates words from his email of how it went - "That 95 year old who got baptized.. Well I was asking her questions and she could barely hear me. So her grand daughter who's like 35 was there to help ask the questions(she's not a member) usually that's not allowed but I the zone leaders said it was ok. We got to question 3, have you ever committed a crime? She said yes and then the grand daughter asked it again and Mama Lola said oh oh no!!
So crazy right!? So the next day she was baptized and it was sooooo sweet and I'll never forget it. She got permission from Salt Lake City to have to go all the way under the water but she ended up getting all the way under. Elder McLaren and 3 Hermanos in the branch were all in the font to help with the baptism. So cool.  
Then the other baptismal interview I did for the Hermanas in north Calgary, Hermanas Dean and Ratliff. They were a beautiful Columbian family and it was so amazing to see them all say yes to following the example of Jesus Christ  to be baptized and obey Heavenly Fathers commandments and everything. I could really tell they were ready and excited about it all. And this time there was no abortion so that was good. So yeah I am loving being district leader and enjoying my time with Elder Tate and Ibañez. This week is already transfers!!! I don't like 5 week transfers. I might leave or Elder Tate might leave or we might stay all together. Personally I would love to stay all together but we will see! Alright time to get back to work and to have another incredible week and have more crazy awesome experiences! I love y'all!!!! Time for some pics :)
Temple Trip

The Temple is Awesome

Wonderful "young at heart" new member baptized

Mission home dinners are the best!