Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Week 36 - Calgary

Happy Thanksgiving!!! And I love snow!! Canada is the best

Alright so I do not have much time to write so I will try to do this fast! Here we go, so an update on Geomaira. She is soooo into learning and reading and praying and everything! We taught her the plan of salvation last Wednesday and during the lesson we asked her how her Book of Mormon reading has been going and how she feels when she prays about it. She responds like this "I am really sorry guys but I have only made it tooooo... (she flips to 3 Nephi) I have only made it to here but I feel good and peaceful when I pray and read." As you can imagine we were utterly shocked!! haha we gave her a lot of praise and we were smiling so much and so happy for her. Really such a great miracle because the night before I was really praying that she would read even just a little bit of the Book of Mormon and say a little prayer because I have really seen all the investigators who do not read the Book of Mormon much and do not pray, they do not progress and don't have their questions answered.

The Book of Mormon really is the key to conversion and the keystone of our religion. I love it so much and was so happy that she had read and God answered my prayer. God is amazing! Also an update on Rene, he is just incredible. We have not been able to meet with him hardly at all because now he has work but thats good! The last lesson we had with him was so cool just because now he is a member and is baptized and has the gift of the Holy Ghost and the Aaronic priesthood and you can really see the change in him. He is following Jesus Christ and His teachings and you can literally see the happiness in his countenance because of the choices he has made to live the gospel. For me that is literally evidence that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I love it. It really is bring me so much joy and happiness to be here living in Calgary and sharing the blessings that come from God when we live the gospel and choose to obey His commandments. Every single point in the gospel for me has been expanded in my mind and heart so much as I have been here serving this mission. I have been blessed so much to be able to serve here. There are many nights right after I pray and then lay in bed and just try to think how great God is and how He answers all of our prayers and how much He loves us. It really is incredible and I do have a testimony of it. God loves us and this is His church and He guides it everyday.

I am running out of time and have a ton of pics to send so I just want to leave you with this, that God loves you and that Jesus Christ is the leader and head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His gospel is true and if you change your life and come unto Him, all will be well and you will find the happiness that you have been looking for. I love each of you because I know that God loves each of you and His Son has suffered for you the same way He suffered for me. We are here to help each other out and serve and love one another so do it! Forget about yourself and serve and love one another.

Love, Elder Proctor

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian Style!

Notice the snow on my left shoulder...the Hermana's did that :)

Elders of Love

Perfect swimming weather!

Snow Day!