Friday, October 21, 2016

Week 37 - Calgary

Hola!! Buenos días!!!

I love y'all! and like always it's been such a great week. I feel like I have really gotten so accustomed to missionary life now. Seeing miracles everyday and learning so much about the gospel and really getting to know Jesus Christ better by starting the day off everyday with studying the scriptures  and Spanish and praying. I loved the talk that Elder David A. Bednar gave this conference about actually believing and knowing Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven. If we know who Jesus Christ is then we will want to follow Him and we will know our Heavenly Father the same. I have been thinking how no one would follow someone who they don't trust and don't know. So many people don't really know who Jesus Christ really is so why would they follow someone who they don't really know. We have been doing a lot of contacting/finding this week because we dropped some of our investigators who don't progress. And pretty much everyone said "no not interested" or "we don't have time, too busy" this week. I have realized this that it all starts with hope and faith and a desire to know Him. It just depends on how big your desire is to know. If you really want to know Him you will search the scriptures and go to church and pray and keep His commandments and then start to know Him. I started studying the New Testament in depth for the first time and I am just on chapter 6 of Matthew. And WOW!!! I am feeling the Spirit so much and it's the same feeling that I had when I studied the Book of Mormon for the first time!! I love it so much and everyday in the morning I just feel so pumped for the day and to apply what I learned. I would love for all of y'all to study the Sermon on the Mount in chapters 5,6,7 of Matthew. It's so great and imagine if you were there with Jesus Christ listening to Him speak and how you would change your life after listening to Him. That's really what it's all about. Putting what you know and have learned into practice.

We had a lesson with Nedy (she is from Columbia and is really nice but her husband isn't interested in learning, we haven't been able to meet with her for awhile but we did) this week and I really tried to get this point into her head. I said something like this to her "Satan tempts us not to actually do anything about what we know we should do, I believe you know you should take a little time out of your day to just read the Book of Mormon and learn from it and pray about it because I know you have a desire to know, I know a lot of people who say they are too busy or too tired to do it but really that's not true. Also if it is true that you are too busy then you should sacrifice something to make time for doing the things of God. God should always come first. He has given you everything. He loves you and wants you to know Him and follow Him." I said that at the beginning of the lesson (we taught the restoration again because it's been awhile since we taught her) then at the end of the lesson she said she really loved what I said and she said that she knows that she hasn't been putting God first and that Satan tempts her to not read and pray. Also that she really does have time because at some points during the day she is just on her phone for like 20-30 mins on Facebook or whatever. She said instead of doing that she really will read and pray about the Book of Mormon. As she was saying all these amazing things I really felt the Spirit. There really is no greater joy than seeing people take steps to follow Christ, whether they be big or small, it's incredible. The same thing is happening with Geomaira. She is so awesome! She finished the Book of Mormon and is now reading it again and praying still and this time she is going in depth and she even wrote a full paper filled with questions prepared for us to answer our last lesson with her! She is so into it. Some of the questions were anti mormon stuff but I was surprised at how easy they were to answer. It is so easy to answer questions if you have the Spirit with you and have confidence. That's another thing. We are not the teachers. The Spirit is.

Well I still have a ton more to say but it's about time to wrap up again this week! Still can't believe how fast time is flying by. Life is so easy and amazing and great when you live the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's just the way you look at things. Have an eternal perspective and the love of God in your mind and heart. All is well. Jesus Christ lives and His church is restored. This is His church and He leads it. Follow His teachings. Matthew 11:28-30. Come unto Him and He will make your burden so light, He will give you rest and peace from your troubles if you take upon His yoke, if you live His teachings, His gospel. Just take that leap of faith and do it, put it into practice and He will reward you like you can't even imagine. You will feel the Holy Spirit. And then you will just keep wanting to know Him and believe in Him more. This is where I am at and I still have long ways to go but I am loving the ride even though it can be hard at times. Really Jesus Christ makes it great and easy.

Love y'all and can't believe it's almost Halloween! Oh yeah and forgot to say this last week FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS LANDÓ!!!!!! :D

Elder Proctor