Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 39 - Calgary

Me encanta mi mision!!!

Alright so I have 3 stories to tell! The first happened last Tuesday! (What!? It's already been that long?? Its already Halloween? Time goes by in a blink of an eye) So we taught this guy named Sean with the STLs (Sister training leaders) and it was super weird teaching in English but cool. So he is the STLs investigator. Anyways we met him at Rene's baptism and we got to talk with him for a while after the baptism. He has been investigating the church for 8 years!! Like almost fully investigating for 8 years and knows a ton about the church. He is Jewish and loves religion. He is super cool. So Elder Ibañez really connected with him while we were talking with him at the baptism and he said some things that really made Sean think. Also Elder Tate and I bore our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and how living the gospel and being a member of the church has changed our lives. It was really awesome. So the next day the STLs text us and say that Sean really wants to see Elder Ibañez again because he caused him to really think about being baptized and how receiving a testimony works. So finally last Tuesday we got to have a lesson with him and the STLs and the lesson was super deep and cool. We taught the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what's funny is that the last time, Sean actually taught the STLs the lesson. So yeah and he knows a lot about history and random things but anyways it was a super spiritual lesson and I think each one of us said something that really caused him to think and to feel the Spirit. We shared with him Doctrine and Covenants 6:22-23 and 8:2-3 and when we did he realized that he really feels the Spirit by him making connections with how the gospel works in his mind and the peace that he feels. It was super sweet and then he said I think I have progressed more towards baptism these past couple of months than I have in 8 years! That was so cool to hear. He goes to all the YSA stuff and I think he's like 28 years old. I really believe he will be baptized soon. Also it was super cool to listen him talk about how Jews view Jesus Christ and Christians and it really opened my mind even more. I really do respect and think other religions are super cool. After my mission I would love to learn more about every religion and how it all came to be and how they all think and believe and what they do. So yeah then after the lesson we had to go get "the miracle stick" (a stick that each companionship in our zone writes a miracle on, really cool) from the STLs pad and as we were going to leave I was going to say one more thing to the STLs but I accidentally slung open the door and hit this dudes van.... and he had just gotten home and was getting out of his car. He had quite a few choice words to say. He was fuming and I felt sooooo soo bad and was anger with myself. It scratched off a little amount of paint. He didn't even look at it and then walked off. It was so weird and we had to wait there but then about 10 mins later he comes back with a flashlight and looks at it and says some more choice words and tells me to be careful and walks away. Then we waited to see if he would come back but he didn't and we left our number there and drove off. He never called us back so it was all good. But as we were driving back home that night I felt like really mad at myself and bad for that guy. It's like why did that have to happen? We just had such a nice lesson and then this has to happen? Why did I have to ruin that guys night? Then I took some deep breathes and said a quick prayer and then started to realize that with every small and or big problem or mess up or mistake we make, there is always something to learn from it. We shouldn't get mad or sad or frustrated about it. It's how life works. Obviously we should not choose to mess up but when we do we can always learn from it. What I learned is that the gospel really does bring peace in these kinds of situations. If someone were to hit my car after I had a bad day, what would I do and how would I react? The thing is you can always have a good day, it's your choice, and if I chose to have a good day then I would react differently to someone hitting my car. I would probably be a lot nicer to the person and of course be a little frustrated but it would be different. I would be more thoughtful and ready to deal with the problem. So as I was thinking about all this on the drive home I thought of how much the gospel of Jesus Christ changes you. If you live a Christlike life then everyday will be a good day and you will make all of your problems easier to solve because you will be stronger and smarter. No matter what the problem is there is such a peaceful and happy feeling you have when you are living the gospel of Jesus Christ. This feeling is the Holy Ghost. I love it and I just realized I am running out of time again. It's so crazy how time just goes by!!!

This week we said goodbye to Miguel Pompa, well now Elder Pompa, as he was packing up to leave on his mission to Argentina and all the memories of me packing up and leaving flooded into my mind. But then I thought, I have been out here for 9 months and it seems like last week I said goodbye to all of y'all!!! Before I know it I will be coming to the end of my mission. Even just the thought of that makes me a little sad because I would love to just stay out here forever serving God and the people here. It is so amazing and I am learning so much everyday. I always find myself wanting to tell y'all like 5 stories and miracles but then I run out time haha that's ok though. Just know that I'm loving it out here and doing my best and have grown so much closer to Jesus Christ and my desire to serve has increased a ton and also my desire to be obedient. Over the course of my mission I have learned more and more of how much Heavenly Father loves us. He has given us our life. He has given us our freedom to choose. He has given us commandments. He has given us everything. Most of all He has given us the gift of His Holy Beloved Son Jesus Christ. We should show our love to Him by choosing to follow Him and obey His commandments. As we do we start to get an idea of how God works and how much He really loves us. We are His children and we are brothers and sisters so let's be kind to each other and love one another. Every person you see or come into contact with this week, think of the Atonement of Christ and how each of us have that same connection with Christ and our Heavenly Father. We are family. We have the same goal to be happy, so live the gospel and take your commitment to live a Christ like life to another level and do not let little or even big problems overwhelm or get you down. If you are living the gospel you will have the strength of the Lord. :) Well now it's time to send some pics. I have a lot!!! We went hiking this morning and it was incredible!!!!! I love y'all and hope y'all have a fun and awesome HALLOWEEN!! (My favorite holiday other than Christmas, I'm gonna miss being with y'all tonight)

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Awesome Hermanas

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