Thursday, November 10, 2016

Week 40 - Calgary

Ya es Lunes de nuevo. COMO!?! :D

Another amazing and super fun week!! So I will try to do this as fast as I can because we have a lunch to go to. Here we go! We had exchanges this week with the zone leaders, Elder Ibañez went with Elder Pugh and Elder Forsyth came here with Elder Tate and I. Elder Forsyth is hilarious because he took Spanish in high school and actually paid attention so he can say just a couple of things but during companionship study while we were practicing teaching he just listened to us speak Spanish and at the end he tried to speak the little Spanish he knows and he said this "Sé Libro de Mormon es bueno. Hermano (pointing to me) y Hermano (pointing to Elder Tate) ... es Dios." Then Elder Tate and I start cracking up because it kinda sounded like he said that we were God. Elder Forsyth is awesome haha. And what's great about him is that he is super obedient but still has a lot of fun. We prayed during the day a ton when he was here and we ended up finding 2 potential investigators! One guy from Guatemala and one from Venezuela. It really is amazing how if you just really believe in the things you know and do them, it actually works!! Like prayer.

I loved that talk by Elder Bednar this past general conference about the four steps to actually get to know the Savior. I think believing is the most important one. We know that prayer is super important but yet some of us don't really pray too often. It's because some of us don't truly believe that it works wonders and how incredible it is so we kind of forget to do it. Elder Bednar and Elder Forsyth helped me realize that. Prayer works!! So we have been praying much more often now. Also while we were on exchanges Geomaira called us and said she is super busy now with her new job that we helped her get and busy with the kids and everything so she said we can't meet until maybe next month. Same sort of thing happened with René, after his baptism he started working for the job that we helped him get so now we are only able to meet with him like once every 2 weeks. And he has only been to church 3 times since because of work so maybe we should stop trying to get people jobs! Haha no I'm kidding. Work is pretty important especially right now because there has been a bit of a recession here in Calgary and it's super hard to find and get a job and a lot of people get laid off. Anyways if we put God first in all things and apply His teachings and live His gospel that we know to be true and actually believe that the miracles will happen and the blessings will come then will find a higher level of happiness in our lives because we will be closer to our Savior Jesus Christ.

Agh I'm already running out of time so here's the rest, we found 2 new investigators this week. They are an old couple from Colombia. They are Catholic. They loved the Restoration lesson we shared and thought the story of José Smith was super cool. The story of Joseph Smith really is so amazing. It's always such an awesome experience sharing the first vision to someone for the first time and then the Book of Mormon and testifying that if you read and study the Book of Mormon and pray and know it is true then you know that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration and that he translated it by the gift and power of God. I love it. So yeah they are super sweet and they committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Also this week I had the opportunity to do another baptismal interview for this family from Colombia! It's so cool being the only district leader in the Spanish program because I get to do all the baptismal interviews and see these people commit to baptism and really following Jesus Christ and be a member of His church. I love it and sometimes it hits me that yo puedo hablar Español!! Todavía no puedo hablar con fluidez pero estoy mejorando cada día, poco a poco. So now here are a couple funny stories. I forgot to tell y'all last week that for Halloween we "ding dong ditched" President and Sister Miles house (the mission home) and left them pumpkin chocolate chip cookies we made! It was super fun and Sister Miles sent us a text "Elders!!! Gracias por las galletas deliciosas!" Then we send, "No problema Hermana Miles, que tenga una buena semana!" Sister Miles, "Ok I'm not quite sure what you said-haha" Us, "No problem Sister Miles, have a good week :)" Sister Miles, "You too. Keep up the great work!!" I really love President and Sister Miles. They are so loving and awesome. They definitely are an example for me and have taught me so much on my mission and am so happy that I will have them for the rest of my mission. Alright I have a couple more funny stories but I will tell them when I send photos!! Also I got the Halloween package y'all sent me!!! It was soooo cool! Yall always send the best packages out of everyone! My companions loved it too :) I love y'all so much. Yall are the best! 

Thanks for the Halloween Masks mom!


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