Saturday, November 26, 2016

Week 42 - Calgary


Alright so like always I will jump right into it! So it is getting SUPER cold here now!!! And right now it has only gotten to -6 so I just can not wait for -30 or -40! haha just kidding so crazy. So last Tuesday I got pretty sick, maybe from the cold. I got some kind of flu I think, I was super weak and my body ached and pretty bad stomach and head ache. So I was in bed all morning and tried to work in the afternoon but it didn't really workout so I had a good amount of time that I thought about y'all and just home in general and all the sweet, loving, and awesome memories we have. I really had such an amazing childhood because of you mom and dad, for basing our house and life on the gospel and sacrificing things to do things in the church and help people and really love the gospel. I owe everything to y'all and really can't repay what y'all have given me. So I thought about all of this a lot while I was sick and also all the amazing miracles I have seen and lived throughout my mission and how everyday I am able to feel the Spirit so strongly. So then I got out of bed an knelt down and said a long prayer of gratitude for my mission and for y'all and for the gospel. It was so amazing. As I was praying this thought really sunk deep into my mind. From what I have seen in my life I have learned that the greatest miracle of all is the change that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings to someone's life according to their faith in living it. Living the gospel is such a sweet and great everlasting joy. That night I still wasn't feeling a lot better so Elder Ibañez asked if I wanted a priesthood blessing and I said sure. So Elder Tate and Elder Ibañez gave me the blessing and I really felt the Spirit and I know I received counsel from Heavenly Father. It was so cool. He said that my future family will be blessed for the decisions I make everyday to be serving here and that I am learning so many important things here that will help my future family. It was Elder Tates first time giving a blessing in Spanish and it was so good. He also said that I will be healed when I raise up in the morning. I was! That morning I woke up and felt great and was healed. So crazy and awesome. Then that night we had another lesson with Carmen and Jorge(from Venezuela) and Carmen's daughter was there too, Omaira. Omaira is pregnant with her second child and their family is super sweet. We brought Hermana Wichita Ferro with us to the lesson, she is the relief society president and is such a strong, faithful, and fun member in the church. We taught them all the Plan of Salvation and the lesson could not have gone better. At the end we shared 2 Nefi 31:3-"Porque mi alma se deleita en la claridad; porque así es como el Señor Dios obra entre los hijos de los hombres. Porque el Señor Dios ilumina el entendimiento; pues él habla a los hombres de acuerdo con el idioma de ellos, para que entiendan." We shared this because Carmen and Jorge have been going to the Evergreen English Ward because they want to learn English and also that chapel is a lot closer to their house. They really can't understand a thing in English right now though so we read that scripture and invited them to the Spanish branch but then of course they say they would much rather learn English. Then Hermana Ferro threw down on them and shared her experiences with coming here to Canada and trying to go to the English wards to learn English but it just didn't work. It's harder when you are older and you can feel the Spirit way stronger when you hear and listen to it in your own tongue. After we invited them again to the Spanish branch after reading the scripture again and they all said yes! Then we invited them to be baptized on Diciembre 17 and they all said yes! It was so funny and cool because right after the question Jorge was like "well I have already been baptized twice, three times won't hurt" Jorge is so cool. Then Carmen and Omaira say yes they want to be baptized and explain why and it really is so simple. Carmen just said "well if the church is restored and if we want to follow Jesus Christ and be clean from sin then why not?" We were all so happy and they all are so ready for baptism. It is such a fulfilling feeling to see people have faith and accept to prepare for baptism. We meet with them again this Tuesday and Wednesday. I am so excited! BUT we get transfer calls this Tuesday! AGH!! I really do not want to leave but now Elder Tate and I are finished training Elder Ibanez and we have been in the branch since the beginning of our missions so we will just see what happens. In the end though I know I will be happy wherever I go because I know that will be where the Lord wants me to be. I will let y'all know what happens next week and I really love and miss y'all and hope y'all have an awesome Thanksgiving with all our family at our house!! Looking forward to seeing pics!

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Hermana Amaller with Mama Lola