Thursday, December 8, 2016

Week 44 - Calgary

Hace un poco frio aqui y me gusta:

NO WAY!!!!??? Elder Jared Reinen is going to the Philippines and speaking Tagalog! That's so crazy! Wow I am so excited for him and he leaves January 11th? It has already almost been a year since I left! Time is flying so fast. His mission is like the opposite of mine. IT'S SOOOO COLD HERE NOW!!!! It started to snow so much during church yesterday and its like -13 celsius, don't know what that is in fahrenheit but it's cold! I am loving it so much and it actually feels and looks like Christmas - haha. It's so funny too, because other missionaries just laugh at me because I am freaking out because it's so cold and so much snow and they are just like "this is nothing! Just wait haha." Also I don't think I told you but I am driving again. I have seen like 3 accidents already and see people sliding around all over the place and tires just spinning. This is Elder Sorvaris 2nd winter year so he knows what's up. He's got my back but still pray for us so we will be safe. Don't worry mom and dad, I will drive real slow and safely.

Alright so I have time to tell one story, so these past 2 weeks have been pretty rough because some of our investigators dropped us and Carmen and Jorge and their family have been really sick with the flu and our other appointments have been canceling. So we have been able to spend a lot more time finding but we havent been able to find anyone interested and have experienced some people rejecting us pretty hard. So after like 3 full days of rejection of course you dont feel as great but then there is always something that lifts you back up. So Elder Sorvari and I downloaded all of the talks from this past General Conference and listened to them all in Spanish (I can actually understand it now! :D). "El gozo y la supervivencia espiritual" by president Elder Russell M. Nelson. As I was listening to it I thought of all the troubles I have had learning Spanish and wanting to be able to be fluent in the beginning and not being able to and just feeling super sad because I could not understand the people here and I just wanted to help them come unto Christ and I felt that I couldn't. Also all the other hard times during my mission but as I was listening to the talk I felt the Spirit super strongly and these thoughts kept coming into my mind that its alright, your life is centered on Jesus Christ, as long as you are having troubles or trials and continue to press froward then you are growing and that is what Heavenly Father wants. Then I really felt the Spirit say to me that throughout all my mission I have had a deep joy in my soul and no matter what happens or doesnt happen, I will have this joy forever if I continue to live a Christ centered life as a member of His church. I love this quote by President Nelson "Cuando centramos nuestra vida en Jesucristo y en Su Evangelio, podemos sentir gozo independientemente de lo que esté sucediendo —o no esté sucediendo— en nuestra vida." This joy is really like no other and you can only experience it and have it with you forever if you live a Christlike life as a member of His church because you will have the gift of the Holy Ghost as a constant companion. Then yesterday in fast and testimony meeting one of the testimonies was centered on this talk by President Nelson. It was amazing and then last night during the Christmas Devotional when Elder Henry B. Eyring spoke I was thinking of yall and then the same thoughts and feeling from the Holy Ghost flooded into me and I felt joy. No matter where you are in your life or what you are going through you can always have this joy with you. You just have to follow Christ.

I love all of y'all so much and hope and pray that y'all have this joy with you at all times. If you don't then I know what you can do to receive it. Live the gospel of Jesus Christ. I don't have much time now but I want y'all to know that I am loving it here serving even though it can be hard sometimes because I have this joy with me and I want to share it with others! It's getting super close to Christmas!!! Can't wait to see y'all again and talk and laugh together!  time to send some pics :)))) 

Merry Christmas!!

Elder Sorvari and me out in the cold.

slip, sliding...

Rene and me