Friday, January 13, 2017

Week 48 - Calgary

I hit my year mark next week.. what!?!?!

Hola todos!!! Esta semana fue muy genial y teníamos mucha diversión! Alright so this week we got a new Elder in the Spanish program and his name is Elder Fish! He is from New York and he's hilarious. Elder Ibañez is training him. It's so crazy because Elder Ibañez is my "son" in the mission because I trained him so now that Elder Ibañez is training Elder Fish that makes him my "grandson." I'm already a "grandpa!" Haha but yeah Elder Fish is awesome.

So I'll try to email this fast because Elder Sorvari and I got a lot to do today for P-day. So I'll share just a few stories. So first y'all know how its kinda cold here and people are slipping and sliding while walking on the snow and ice and driving here in the snow and icy roads is super crazy. So this past week I avoided 2 car crashes!! The Lord is definitely watching over us. And also Elder Sorvari says I'm already a pro at driving in this weather :P so the first one was when we were driving to the church to have correlation with the other Spanish missionaries in the branch. We were on deerfoot trail(highway) taking the southland exit and this big red truck just turns on his blinker and tries to come in our lane and he did it really fast so I turned a bit to the shoulder of the lane and honked and slowed down. He was soooo close to us for a good 3 seconds. Then I was behind him because I was slowing down and then got back into the lane. It was crazy! Then the other one was driving on a little bit of black ice. Black ice is terrible!! So I almost rear ended a guy because apparently I didn't have enough space between him and I when there's ice on the road but you can't see black ice! But I patted the brakes so I didn't hit him. So now I'm keeping like 5 second distance from the car in front of me. So driving here is crazy right now but fun!

So here's another story. Elder Ibañez and Elder Fish get a random text from this Spanish lady and asks to meet and talk about our books "Mormon, Doctrine, and Pearls of Price" and also to eat dinner. It sounded really weird and a lil creepy though. And none of us knew who she was so they invited Elder Sorvari and I to go to. We get there and I was like no way!!! This is Ricardo's house! Way back in July, Elder McLaren and Elder Tate and I taught a lesson here to Ricardo but his wife wasn't there and she's a member who had just been reactivated, she went to Sundance (an English Ward). We just taught Ricardo that one lesson then he wasn't interested anymore and never got back to us. Anyways so turns out it's his wife who texted and she just wanted to have dinner with us and she had some questions about the church that she wanted answered. Her name is Sandra and she is super nice but a lil crazy. Ricardo wasn't there for dinner but their kids were. They have 3. So we eat dinner and we figure out why her texts sounded weird because she is still learning English, she has been here for 4 years from Colombia. (Makes me wonder how weird or sometimes creepy we sound when we text in Spanish haha.) So half the dinner was in English getting to know each other and stuff and then when she asked us all her questions we spoke in Spanish. Some of her questions were hilarious, like, "why do Mormons have so many kids? Do they not study science and realize that the world is being overpopulated?" and, "Why does the Book of Mormon say that God doesn't approve of black people? Do they not know science proves that Adam and Eve were black and overtime there became white people?" and lastly a legitimate question, "why aren't women allowed to have the priesthood?" So I believe each one of us answered them all really well and at the end she seemed more humble and she was pondering about it. It was pretty cool because each one of us testified of temples and prophets and of Jesus Christ at the end. Super awesome how powerful testimonies are. I love it. And I testified that it's great to have a testimony but it is what we do with it is what really matters, we have to live our faith and follow the commandment Jesus Christ gave to us "Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not." Doctrine and Covenants 6:36. And follow what President Uchtdorfs advice, "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." I really love every aspect and concept and principal of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It all fits in and works together. All scripture, all prophets, all temples, all commandments, it all leads to the the Atonement of Jesus Christ so we have the option and choice to return to live with our Heavenly Father in heaven again and have eternal life. It really is so miraculous and awesome.

Yesterday was stake conference and it was all about faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, prayer, and miracles. So amazing hearing different peoples stories and miracles they experience in their lives because of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. We just have to be exactly obedient to Gods commandments and follow Jesus Christ. Well I can't believe this is the end of another email. Still have a couple pics to send but wow time goes by so fast and even faster when you live the gospel and have fun. I love yall so much and hope y'all have a great week and have fun and live the gospel to the fullest!! 

Love,   Elder Proctor

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