Friday, February 17, 2017

Week 56 - Calgary

Feliz Dia de los Enamorados!!! :D
Buenos dias!
So this morning has been super crazy. I woke up with a pretty bad headache, I have been getting them every once in a while and also bloody noses because it is too dry here!! I have to drink more water but I already feel like I am but I guess you can never drink enough water. Then once we got already to go to the library we realized that it is "Family Day," a holiday here in Canada and so we switch up our schedule and then Elder Ibanez(from Toronto) texts us that our Family Day is next Monday and Family Day today is just in BC(British Colombia) so the libraries aren't closed for us today and we were like woooow but its all good now! I don't have as much time to write but not a ton happened this week. We are still trying our best to find investigators and less actives to teach but right now the work is just kind of going slow. We just have Carmen and Jorge and Omaira and Luis to teach but they have been busy and sadly this week Jorge just got a kidney infection so he was in the hospital this past week but is now back home. Then Rene has been having a lot of trails and difficulties in his life right now. But what is super awesome is that the Elbow River Spanish Ward is helping out sooo much with missionary work and being real friends to everyone and everyone we teach. They have helped Carmen and Jorge and Omaira and Luis and Rene a lot and I have really learned that members are more important in missionary work than the actually missionaries. I love all the members so much and yesterday we made some really good plans with our ward missionary leader to involve the members as much as possible and work all together and we planned some fun activities that we are going to do like sports tourneys and little Book of Mormon play and having lessons at the church and church tours. I really feel like these past couple of weeks the work is moving forward and faster and we are improving. It is super interesting to me how success is determined. Even when you are not able to teach as much as other times, if you are working as hard as you can and really improving then you feel great and successful. When you are teaching a lot but not improving and really learning somehow you just don't feel very successful in the end. I love all these awesome things I have learned on my mission.
So I am kind of running out of time and have a lot of pics to send so I will share this awesome story that happened yesterday. So this past week some Elders here got in a bad car accident and one of them broke his femur and had to have surgery so this Sunday, his name is Elder Ajeman, so some of the missionaries fasted for him yesterday and I also fasted to have an awesome experience at church whatever it may be and guess what!? Just before church started this guy comes in and sits in the back row in the chapel who we have never seen before. Then one of the members goes and sits next to him and opens up the hymn and sings with him. It was awesome and then after Sacrament meeting we talk to him and his name is Felix from Peru and has lived here for 8 years but he cant speak English fluently and his girlfriend is Canadian and told him to try out going to church. So he came to our Spanish Ward! So cool and he is going back to Peru this week but will be back on the 28th of February and he looks forward to talking with us and said we can talk right when he gets back. Direct answer to my prayer and fast and also Elder Ajeman is recuperating really well. The gospel is so great and I really love how everything always comes together and works out if we are living the gospel and always doing our best to help others and take more steps to being more Christlike. I know it is hard stepping out of our comfort zone but that is what the gospel is all about. Letting God really mold us into the person that we were born to be. To be like Christ. He is our example. I highly doubt the Atonement was something comfortable or easy but during it I know that Jesus Christ developed the love He has for us now and now He knows exactly how to help us and guide us in our life. So step out of your comfort zone and make new friends and help everyone you see. There should not be any fear. Jesus Christ eliminates all fear and all those bad feeling you might have if you really live the gospel and become like Him. Well I am out of time again!! There goes another Monday email. SO CRAZY!! I love yall and hope this Valentines yall show Christlike love to one another and dont fight! :P
Love: Elder Proctor