Thursday, March 2, 2017

Week 58 - Calgary


Esta semana fue súper chévere! So this might be the shortest email I've written. Writing super fast because yesterday we went to Canmore which is far away close to the mountains and it was sooo awesome but then on the way back we got stuck in the worst traffic ever because of a car wreck so didnt get back in time. Anyways here we go, so today has been increible, I have felt the Spirit a ton. We had Zone Training Meeting and President and Sister Miles were there with us and it was such a powerful meeting. Then we had interviews with President Miles and it was so great and I feel sooo pumped and motivated to work even harder. So this past week we were finally able to meet with Carmen and Jorge and all their family and what's crazy is that I think 2 Fridays ago I had a dream that we had to go visit Carmen and Jorge on Monday instead of Wednesday or Thursday like we usually do but I thought it was weird so we still knocked on Thursday but they weren't home. But then we knocked last Monday night and guess what they were all home! Elder Sorvari said I was a prophet haha. So we had a super nice visit with them and finally got to see Omairas newborn baby girl and she's so small and cute. Her name is Luisa. And we got to see how Jorge was doing because he had a kidney infection but now he is doing better but what's crazy is that he was going back to the hospital to get some more exams done on Wednesday and Thursday so we came at the perfect time last Monday. Super crazy and after catching up we really focused hard on the importance of church and taking the sacrament and serving. It was really nice and it was one of the most unique lessons I have had in my mission because we taught things from all the lessons and went over a ton of their questions and they are all so friendly. It was awesome and we committed them to come to church and they sounded excited about it but then just like in the past they have an excuse and don't show up. That has happened a lot on my mission so I have learned to have a lot of patience haha. And just think of how much patience Heavenly Father has when we say we will do better and then don't over and over again. It does take time to change and get better and for some more time than others. So even though they weren't able to make it to church, church was still incredible yesterday because it was our ward conference and remember that guy I fasted and prayed to help at church a couple of weeks ago? He was at church again today! So Elder Sorvari and I run and go sit by him. His name is Felix and now he is back from Peru and he had a ton of questions after sacrament meeting. Elder Sorvari and I were answering them all but then he said he had to go an couldn't stay for the rest of church but we could definitely visit him this week! Super excited for him and he is super interested. It's so incredible how much true prayer and fasting and just never giving up really works and pays off and makes you happy. I love it and have learned a ton this week and have had so many funny and crazy things happen this week but I'm already out of time to write. I just want to leave y'all with my testimony that I know that Jesus Christ should always be our focus in life, be a part of His church, devote our lives to His service, do all that we can to become like Him, live His gospel. You will be so happy and find true joy in your life even though you may be going through something super hard. No one has ever said it will be easy. Salvation is not an easy thing to acquire. I would love for each of yall to watch Missionary Work and the Atonement by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and in the background is the bible video of Christ performing the Atonement. It is incredible. I love Christ so much and I love y'all so much and ask myself often why I deserve to have such a blessing to have a family that supports me so much on my mission and to have the gospel in my life and to be sealed together forever. I just know that if we will just be true and faithful to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and live how They want us to live, then we will have joy and deserve those blessings. They want us to be happy so They give us the choice to follow Them and be happy!
Love, Elder Proctor


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