Thursday, March 9, 2017

Week 59 - Calgary

Pues yo he estado en Calgary por un ano y en el mismo area!! jaja

Alright so this week I realized that I have already been in Calgary for a year and I am still in the same area haha. I have loved it so much and am still loving it though. So I don't have a ton of time because Elder Sorvari and I went shopping because he is going home on the 28th of this month. That blows my mind because when he came here with me he still had 4 months left. Time just keeps going faster and faster. Alright so here we go. This week we were able to make arepas with Carmen, Jorge, Luis, and Omaira and have dinner with them. Let me just tell you that arepas are amaazing! They eat arepas in Colombia and Venezuela and then you put some ceviche in it, oh my gosh soooo goood. Ceviche is peruvian I think. Anyways it was super fun and nice and then after we decided to just read the Book of Mormon with them because they still are not reading on their own. We read the book of Enos in the Book of Mormon and talked a lot about faith in Christ and what is it and how to develop more faith in Christ by doing all that the Lord wants us to actually do. It was a super good lesson and we committed them to come to church once again but we have like 4 times and then don't show up. But stay tuned, then the next day we have our first lesson with Felix and it was a perfect restauracion lesson. We really got to know him and he is catholic but does not practice too much anymore. So we teach him all of it and as we are going through he actually asked a lot of good questions that were super easy to answer. Then at the end when we explain how we know that the restuaracion is real and that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restuaracion (I forgot how to spell it in english wow, spelling in spanish is so much easier)  is by the Book of Mormon and everything, he told us that when he was our age he was super faithful in the catholic church and super into it but then once he started to really look deeply into the church and study it and then he got divorced he said that good feeling went away and now is searching for the truth and wants to see if being a mormon will be good for him, he actually said that! So awesome and we promised him as he lives the gospel and prays about the Book of Mormon he will feel the Holy Ghost again and much more powerfully and it will give him so much peace ad joy in his life. Then we all kneeled and prayed about the Book of Mormon, I said the first prayer to give him an example of how to pray and then he did it. It was so cool!!! I definitely felt the Spirit and know that if Felix does what God wants him to do then he will receive that answer to his prayer that the Book of Mormon is true and the gospel has been restored. So excited for him and then on Saturday night we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and started a special fast for all of our investigators to help them progress closer to Christ and have the Spirit touch their hearts and get a baptism this month. Then also that night before going to sleep I said a really heart felt prayer for Carmen and Jorge and their family and Felix and then can you guesss what happened that Sunday? They alllll showed up!! And it was such an awesome fast and testimony meeting and a lot of the members testified of living prophets and that our prophet today is President Thomas S. Monson and then for gospel principles we taught all about prophets. Everything lined up so well. It is amazing how much I have seen my prayers be answered on my mission. I really have knowledge now that prayer and fasting works when you have real intent. My prayers have been answered so many times and I am so happy that I have learned this now because I still have my whole life to live and I will always have Gods love for me and prayer to help me endure and enjoy everything there is in life. The more and more I step out of my comfort zone the more and more I realize that there is really nothing that we should fear. "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" by Franklin D. Roosevelt, I love that quote. We all have fears and weaknesses but we should not fear those weaknesses, we have so many tools to make our weaknesses strengths. We have the Atonement of Jesus Christ, if we put all of our faith in Him and in His enabling power, His grace, then we will become perfect one day like Him. He is our example and I know that following Him and His gospel is the best thing you could do in your life, so much happiness and so many blessings that God offers you, He just wants you to follow Him.  Alright I got just a few pics to send and then tengo que irme! Pon tu hombro a la lid!
Love, Elder Proctor
Beautiful Mountain

Making dinner...