Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 62 - Calgary

Una semana llena!
Paa - I dont even know where to start this week has been soooo incredible and full and its been one of the best on my mission. I have a ton of pics to send too and not a lot of time to write so this email will be all over the place. So I am now with my boy Elder Ibanez again and last Tuesday I said goodbye to Sorvari. Its crazy how fast they leave. We drop him off at the mission home and President and Sister Miles greet them and then we give hugs and then President says "alright time to go! and you Elders and Sisters, lets go baptize someone!!" And then we are off haha. Made me just a little home sick watching him leave but then when I got Elder Ibanez and we started working, I am back to knowing that serving a mission is the best thing and most fun thing you can do in the world. Like this past Wednesday we taught Felix the gospel of Jesus Christ and talked about his baptism and it really just blows my mind at how much he is prepared to receive it. So we talked about his baptismal date and he said he would let us know if April 9th worked because it was orginally set for this Wednesday April 5th but we still have to teach him a little bit more and have the baptismal interview. Then he sends us a text and lets us know that April 9th works! The whole process has just been incredible watching him prepare for baptism by reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and coming to church and learning. Its so simple but so amazing when people actually do it and then you see them experience the joy of living the gospel and feeling the Holy Ghost. Nothing better than that. Well maybe general conference was haha all things in the gospel are the greatest because they all work together and are one in Christ. So we were able to watch the first session with President and Sister Miles with a lot of other missionaries then the second session with the Pompas and the Pavons and after we celebrated Elder Ibanez birthday and had the the best cake ever "tres leches." Then we watched the priesthood session with Felix and then yesterday we watched the Sunday morning session with la familia Palma and then ended conference by watching the last session with Sean. I wish I could take time to tell you all the details of watching each one with all these people because each one was so different and incredible. Watching conference as missionaries and knowing that they have left their families too to serve full time and then watching with 2 strong and faithful families in the church and feeling at home and then watching with a family that has just lost a mother and feeling their love and kindness for us and feel their desire to listen to us and the prophets and learn then watching with an investigator who has been investigating for 9 years now and just struggles with feeling the Spirit and making the decision to be baptized. All of it, I have had so many experiences and thoughts this past week and it really has all strengthened my testimony of our Heavenly Father and of His Son Jesus Christ and of the Holy Ghost and how They care for us and love us and are mindful of us and just how They work. And because of this I have a much bigger desire to be obedient and have more faith and really show my love for Heavenly Father by serving my mission with real intent and helping His children come unto Christ by living His restored gospel. I really am so happy to be able to live the gospel and I can testify that if we choose to live it and share it with others we will receive so many blessings from Heavenly Father beyond belief. Well I gotta get to sending pics now! I have a ton :) espero que las disfruten y que tengan una linda semana!!
My awesome Spanish Language District


Happy Birthday Elder Ibenez didn't make it over :(

Volleyball night fun

Awesome Sisters

Dinner with the missionaries

Great visit by Pres. and Sister Miles