Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week 63 - Calgary

Una de las mejeros semanas de mi mission

We baptized Felix!!! It was so incredible and the journey was so fast! Also I gotta write this email fast because we got to the library kind of late. Gosh I have so many stories to write that happened this week but no time, oh well I will just write about "el hombre del ano" Felix haha. So last Wednesday we had a lesson set up with Felix at 5:30pm and we got Hermano Ruiz to come with us but then something came up and he couldn't and so we knew we had to get a member there so we start calling and texting everyone throughout the day and literally everyone could not go. Also we had 2 other lessons set up with Carmen and Jorge and then la familia Palma. And we also were doing service at the food bank so it was a super crazy day. Then while we were working in the food bank Carmen and Jorge cancel so then that frees us up for 7:30pm. So then we ask Felix if we can do it at 7:30 and he says yes and we ask everyone again and turns out everyone still cant go at 7:30pm haha and then it gets to be like 6:30pm and we try calling Hermano Colorado again and we know that he is only free on Sundays but we were praying for a miracle because he is like the perfect "preach my gospel missionary," so then he texts us and there's a whole lot of other details but I dont have time to write it all but just know that it was crazy setting all this up and we ended up with the perfect amount of time to visit Felix with Hermano Colorado who is like the best member present to have. Then we start to teaching the lesson and it was one of the coolest lessons I have taught on my mission. We taught the commandments, the law of chastity, the word of wisdom, and tithing. We started with chastity and it went perfectly and Felix said some awesome things and is just all for it and then we do the word of wisdom and he said he drinks a lot of tea but he said "yeah i mean I can give that up though, it wont be the end of the world," and Elder Ibanez and I and even Hermano Colorado we are all just like smiling at each other and shocked and we explain a little bit more why we have the word of wisdom. And then we get to tithing and we finally hit it. The one thing that really caused him to struggle and not agree with. I don't have time to explain all the details but we spent like 30 mins talking about it and bearing testimony and Hermano Colorado finished it by sharing Eter 12:27 which is one of my favorite scriptures and I know that its your favorite mom:) and Hermano Colorado laid it out so perfectly and that scripture and promise he received from us that if we humble ourselves and put our trust in God then God will take care of all of our needs spiritually and physically and he will make us strong. It was amazing. There's so many other crazy details but now I wanna finish talking about the baptism yesterday. It was probably the most relaxed and peaceful time of my life. I felt the Spirit so much and Felix is a pretty chill guy and loves to play sports like me and it was just so cool to help him along with getting baptized. Then Elder Ibanez gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost and its just like living a dream being able to see someone be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Watching someone really give up their sins and accept the gospel and see how happy they are when they do. Its the sweetest joy ever. Now I am really looking forward to working with him some more along with the members and progressing to the temple and so on. He has so much faith. With all the other investigators we have and the ones I have taught and also the less actives and even some members who struggle, I have learned that all of our problems can be solved through faith in Jesus Christ, His atonement and His gospel. We just have to accept it and live it. I know that sometimes it may seem hard to live the gospel but trust me its not as hard as it was for the Savior. We cant even compare it to the Savior. So we should put our faith in Him and let him make our burden light in everything in our life. Matthew 11:28-30. Ether 12:27. Come unto Him is His invitation. I can promise you that at first coming unto Him may be hard but the joy comes so fast. God is so merciful and so forgiving and more than anything, loving. He wants you to develop faith in Him and really learn it. That's why its not easy but anything easy in life really isnt rewarding but living the gospel is the most rewarding thing ever because God just pours blessings on you. Its so awesome and I am so grateful to be able to live the gospel. Well that's all I got for this week and got some awesome pics to send! Espero que las gusten! I LOVE YALL
Great Friend Felix being baptized!


Come, come, ye saints....