Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week 64 - Calgary

Feliz Pascuas :))
Alright so I will write this email super fast because yesterday we went to Kananaskis! I have a ton of pics so I hope yall see how much fun it was. Although I did have 2 rolled ankles. So 2 weeks ago on pday I rolled my right ankle playing gatorball and then last pday I rolled my left ankle playing basketball. Then yesterday I decided to go ahead and hike and it was pretty painful but was it worth it? Yes haha. Gosh I love Canada so much especially these hikes I have been able to do over my mission with other missionaries and members and sometimes investigators. Its incredible. So I will just list off some of the things we did this week. We had interviews with President Miles and those are always super cool because he always gets us pumped up and feel better about ourselves and shares amazing stories. The main thing that stuck with me from his interview with me was that he told me to ask myself how does Heavenly Father really look at me and see me as a person and then pray about that question and Heavenly Father will answer. So I invite yall to do the same, ask yourself how you think Heavenly Father sees you and then actually ask Him in prayer how He sees you. You will probably see that you are way too hard on yourself and realize how much Heavenly Father really loves you and sees what you can become. Its super cool. Also this week we had another lesson with Sean, he is a Jew and has been investigating the church for 9 years now. Every lesson we have had with has been so crazy and awesome. Its like the only time on my mission that I have taught in English too because its the Sisters investigator but Sean rally likes me and Elder Ibanez so haha. Anyways we just talked about the Book of Mormon chapters 15-19 of 2 Nephi with him (yes those Isaiah chapters) and learning from what we read from one another was super cool. I definitely felt the Spirit and Sean made some cool connections with it and finally he said that he feels like he his 40% there in believing in Jesus Christ and His Atonement. That was amazing. I can definitely testify that the Book of Mormons objective is to testify of Jesus Christ as a our Savior. Also this week we had a lesson with Felix and Hermano Pavon came with us and we focused on temples and the priesthood. It was super cool and I can see that Felix is already gaining a testimony of temples and the importance of them. Its crazy how fast he is progressing. He should be getting the Aaronic Priesthood this Sunday and then we will set up going to the temple with him. I am super excited for him. Also easter Sunday was amazing. We had 4 new investigators to church! I dont have time to write about it though. Just know that God answers your prayers, every single one of them. Its really crazy how fast time is flying by. I already have to send pics again! And in 2 days I will just have 9 months left of my mission.. WHAT!? I cant think about it haha. And Mason and Allie are getting married in like 17 in the Houston Temple! AHHHHH!!!! So awesome and I wish yall could have seen my reaction when I opened up the wedding invitation. Sooo happy for you Mason and Allie. I was going nuts when I opened it haha. And also like a week later it will be Mothers Day :O blows my mind. I love each of yall and am happy all is well is Nacogdoches :)

Mission Desk (mom said this was never the case at home)