Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 66 - Calgary

La mejor transferencia de mi mission
How is it May!?! My mission is going by too fast haha. And this Saturday Mason and Allie get married and sealed!!!!! AHHHH! I cant wait to see pics of it all! I am just mind blown haha and dont really know how to describe all that I am feeling now. Just super beyond happy for yall Mason and Allie. So I don't have time at all to write because Elder Ibanez lost his wallet but its all good, it was a fun morning haha. And then we have our zone pday at this nice lake park because the weather is finally nice again which is funny because it snowed like 5 days ago but that is just how Calgary is. But anyways I really just want y'all to know that this has probably been the best transfer of my mission. We literally have found more than 3 investigators every single week and have had so many crazy miracles happen and it just feels sooo awesome when you see people progress and have a ton of work to do. I have mentioned before that you still feel awesome and successful when you are obedient and working hard like it says it preach my gospel that no effort is wasted and about 2 transfers ago there wasn't much work so I relied on that quote no effort is wasted which is good but I have to admit it is soooo nice to have a ton of work and see progress in investigators right before your eyes. I think I think I can say this is the best I have ever felt in my life. I feel like I am growing so much everyday and closer to the Savior everyday and learning so much of how key it is to live the gospel in order to be truly happy and to overcome all the hard things we have to deal with in life. And to just stick to living the gospel when those hard times come because if you don't you will end up falling and there is so much sadness that come from that. I have about 4 incredible stories to share that just happened this week but honestly don't have time to write them all in good detail. I will be sure to tell you them all when we skype in like 2 weeks(that blows my mind I am super excited for it) but yeah I am having the time of my life right now on my mission and really love the language Spanish so much. I will never forget opening my call and when I read "you will be preaching the gospel in the Spanish language." Makes me sooo happy and well now its time to send y'all a ton of pics and I was able to give Felix his presents that y'all sent up with the Easter package. He LOVED the Texas shirt haha and wore the shirt and tie to church yesterday and received the Aaronic Priesthood!! He is the best!! 

Calgary Temple


Week 65 - Calgary

¡Oh, está todo bien!
Alright I cant believe I am here again writing but I am haha and I have been out 15 months and people are saying I am getting close to going home and I am like NOOOO noo no I'm not, I am not even close and then the other missionaries say but you're the oldest in the Spanish program! And I'm like what the heck I still feel new. Its crazy. But anyways its all good. This week was super awesome. We had some incredible lessons and actually this has been the best transfer of my mission for the amount of people we are working with and like every single week we have found at least 2 new investigators and we are always super busy so the work here is crazy good right now. It has been so satisfying to see the work here rise to a higher level because Elder Ibanez and I are praying more and working harder and being obedient and really trying our best to rely on the Spirit in everything we do. It just feels good when you know you are doing your best and when you go to bed you just fall on your knees and pray and thank God for everything. When you are obedient and really living the gospel there are so many miracles you see every day and so many new things you learn literally every day about other people and how the gospel works and how the Spirit works and the light of Christ works. This week we had a lesson with Sean all about the light of Christ and how we receive revelation personally. It was one of the coolest lessons on my mission. We shared a video about light and truth and how God is filled with light and truth like it says in Doctrine and Covenants 84 and 88 I think. And then we talked about what we read in the bible dictionary on what the light of Christ is and then each of us shared and tried our best to explain how the light of Christ is for us because Sean didn't understand it at all. Then I shared my experience of getting super sick with the West Nile virus and getting depressed and having anxiety and how that affected the light of Christ I could see in people and since I wasn't ever reading the scriptures or praying or going to church so I felt like I had lost all life and light in me. And that the only real light I really felt was from my mom and if it weren't for her I really wouldn't be here. The whole time Sean was writing notes and after I explained how I got better by finding the right therapist and really studying and praying about the Book of Mormon I asked him if he understood the light of Christ and he just sat there and pondered and said he would have to ponder about every thing we had said. Then I said it is pretty much impossible for me or for any of us to explain it because it is so personally and then he said oh yeah I get it and then he started to make a lot of connections with notes he has taken in the past and it was sooo awesome! Like I could start to see him develop faith in Christ because he really has that desire to learn and apply it. He is definitely progressing. Gosh this is just one miracle of the like 5 that happened this week but I don't have time to write them all. All I have to say is that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that it was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith and the only way you can know if it is if you really study and pray about the Book of Mormon and actually live the gospel and see the crazy change that will happen in you. You will be happy. Well I just realized that Mason and Allie are about to be married and that summer is coming for y'all (because its kind of snowing here right now haha) AHHH it just makes me super happy that all is well down there in Nacogdoches. And thank you so much for the Easter package!! I love the Texas shirts. Well I gotta get to sending pics now! LOVE YALL :