Thursday, June 8, 2017

Week 70 - Calgary

Una sorpresa :P
Oh my gosh this week was so awesome. Alright so here is the surprise :D so when I got here Elder Tate and Elder Williams found this guy at some wedding with a bunch of Colombian people and his name is Gary. He is 54 and Canadian and never has been married and has had a rough life. So they met him there and were wondering why this guy who can't hardly speak Spanish is at this wedding and turns out Gary is dating this less active member Norma Rodriguez. So they started to visit them and teach Gary and Hermana Rodriguez. What's crazy is that Gary doesn't speak hardly any Spanish and Hermana Rodriguez can speak some English but it's not the best so I don't understand exactly how they communicate a lot and it's always funny to find couples like that. It's so funny to me. So I get here and Elder Williams said that President Miles said that we need to pass Gary off to the English Elders so he can go to an English Ward but somehow they were never able to so they had just kept on teaching him and Gary has come to the Spanish Ward this whole time with Hermana Rodriguez so in our interviews with President like 2 weeks ago I asked what should we do after I explained him everything and he said we could continue teaching him because we put him on a baptismal date. So Gary has really been so receptive to the restoration of the gospel and to read the Book of Mormon and pray. He even read things that we didn't invite him to read and that's always a huge sign that they actually are searching and will most likely be baptized. Then he just accepts all the commandments and loves like everything we do as a church and really wants to change his life and come unto Christ. Ah it's really the most satisfying feeling and happiest feeling ever to see someone accept the gospel of Jesus Christ and live it and see them start to feel the Spirit and really change. Here's the surprise. We baptized him on Friday!!! Elder Williams did it and it was the coolest experience ever.
So this past week we walked in to our friend's house and he and his wife were arguing about stupid things and it was hilarious because they didn't even understand each other completely so we helped them out. I think it was just because they got back late from going to Canmore and there was a ton of traffic but anyways I shared the Moroni 7:45-48 all about charity which is the pure love of Christ and that we should pray with all energy of heart for it because without it we are nothing and that calmed down Norma and brought the Spirit then Elder Williams pulls out Isaiah 53:3-9 and testifies of the Atonement and the Spirit really filled the room and afterwards Gary apologized and stood up and gave us a each a hug and then Elder Williams gave Gary a priesthood blessing to prepare for his baptism because he said he felt that Satan was really trying to get him to join Christ church and then I gave Norma a blessing because she said she had been stressed out. Afterwards everything felt so much better, the complete opposite of when we first walked in. It was so cool and a huge testimony builder to me on how the Holy Ghost can dwell in a home if we love each other like Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father loves us and chose to have charity and forgive others. So yeah and then this past Friday Gary was baptized and Elder Williams said they said a prayer just before the ordinance and just after the ordinance together and it was super sweet. Then yesterday I was able to confirm him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and give him the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was super awesome. I'm so excited for him. Man I am loving my mission so much. There has been so many things I have learned that will be such a help to me for the rest of my life. I am kind of running out of time already but I just want to say that there's nothing better than serving the Lord and really working hard and working through the hard things in your way. You can always overcome everything through Jesus Christ. And what I mean by that is that we have a ton of tools to help us, we have prayer, we have the scriptures, we have our loved ones, we have commandments, we have the Atonement of Jesus Christ which makes it all possible. Alright I love yall tons and hope yall start enjoying yalls summer!!! Cant believe its my 2nd summer here haha Im loving it. Oh and big change, our pdays will now always be on Tuesdays! Because theres a lot of holidays on Mondays. Que tengan una linda semana!!