Friday, June 16, 2017

Week 71 - Calgary

Una semana milagrosa
Wow this week has been incredible. I really don't know where to start. So last Friday Gary and Norma got married and that was super sweet. Talking to Gary before it was so awesome. He thanked us so much and said we basically saved their marriage and relationship because we help other come unto Christ. It was so awesome and it is sooooo crazy how much Gary has changed. He is like a completely different person now. I have gained such a huge testimony of how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives but not just that, it changed human nature. Also this week I have the best news ever! Rene is back!!!! We finally got to meet with him this past Friday!!! It was one of the sweetest visits I have had on my mission. We just talked about everything and everything he has been through and how he ended up falling again but now wants to get back up but he felt like he couldn't and he said having members actually care for him and call him and try to help him made a big impact on him. He said he had so much fear of going back to church because he didn't want to be judged and didn't feel worthy at all because he always falls and we explained why we really go to church. We all fall over and over again and that's why we need church, that's why we need Christ our Savior to help us get up and stay up and really enjoy life even though it is hard. We shared a couple scriptures just about coming unto Christ and then towards the end it felt like Rene was just back to himself saying awesome things that are all correct about the gospel. Then this Sunday he was at church! It was sooo aweosme. Also this past Saturday we weren't having much success contacting former investigators so we prayed our hearts out and then go more towards the south of our area and we knock on Carlos door and he was a former investigator and he says he is super busy but told us to try next week. But then Sunday morning he texts us "Hola hermano de leche, buen dia. Haga me un fabor. Quiero ir a la iglesia. Mandeme la direccion por fabor gracias" and he came to church! It was crazy and we are for sure seeing him this weekend and he says he really wants to come to church every week now. So we got a new investigator! And he calls us hermanos de leche because we are white haha. He is pretty funny. So yeah some other awesome things happened this week too but I gotta send a lot of pictures now! Like I have said in the past, somehow my mission just keeps getting better and better. I am loving it here, there are always things in your way, trials, weaknesses, but just face them. Have no fear, just be humble and love them because it will help you grow and learn no matter how hard it is. I have been doing this and it really is impossible to have a bad day. And come to think of it I don't think I have had a bad since after I was sick and started to study the Book of Mormon and live the gospel. I have had hard days and maybe sad things that have happened some days but at the end of the day, I have knowledge that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and if I continue to live it I will continue to feel the Spirit and always have that peace and happiness with me and my testimony will just keep getting stronger. So its all good! All is well! alright time for pics, I love y'all and hope y'all love the pics! 

Trying to catch a pal for Paul (my little Sister's bunny)