Saturday, June 17, 2017

Week 72 - Calgary

No se lo que debo poner aqui :P

Alright so for pday today we are going to this nice lake and playing volleyball and tennis and stuff and I woke up with a migraine this morning so I slept in some so this email will be really short. So this week was another week of miracles. I have really learned over the course of my mission how much prayer really works and how if we just ask humbly for God to help us to do His work He will just make you so happy and answer every one of your prayers. Elder Williams and I are praying a lot while we find and we have been able to find a new investigator every single week. So we were in the west part of our area contacting and were not having success so we prayed and then we went all the way to the east part of our area and knock on this door and no one answers but then some guy walks around the corner and says "hey" and immediately you can tell he speaks Spanish so we start speaking Spanish and we ask him were he is from and he is from Beliz! His name is Lucas and he is super chill. We asked if we could share a message about Jesus Christ and he just is all for it and we sit down right there at the door and we share the restoration with him! That has never happened on my mission and it was a beautiful day and like it was just a perfect missionary moment that you would never think would happen haha but it did because we pray! So then as we are teaching him his kids come out, he has 2 daughters and 2 young boys and they just start playing in the front yard and surprisingly Lucas just stays focused to what we are saying the entire time!! It was so awesome. So he thought everything we taught was cool and we invited him to church but on Sunday he had to work but this week he should be able to come. So yeah I just want to let y'all know that prayer really works and that I love y'all and that is what the gospel is all about, loving God and loving one another. So love each other and pray for one another and pray for missionary experiences to come your way and they will! Alright I gotta get going now and sadly I didn't take like any pics this week but oh well. I have one of Raul, he is our investigator who we put on baptismal date for next month! He is so awesome. So many miracles and happiness just by living the gospel.