Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 73 - Calgary

Mason Got Married!!!!

Alright so I just watched the video of Mason and Allies wedding and I cried haha IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! BEST EVER!!!! Seeing Allie walk up to Mason at the temple was the sweetest thing ever and then to see all of y'all and then all of a sudden see dad pull out that cutout of me and that pic of all of us and also seeing David and Andrew MAN definitely the best birthday present ever, knowing that each one of y'all are happy and living the gospel and we are sealed as a family. Gosh I love y'all and miss y'all so much and cant wait to see y'all this upcoming year and actually meet Allie haha. So I wont be able to write a whole lot because we are going back to grassi lakes! The place I went with Elder McLaren and Elder Tate and Jorge a year ago. That blows my mind. So I will share 1 short crazy story. So I just got done with exchanges with Elder Chapman and it was one of the craziest days on my mission. I was in Strathmore and there are a ton of Native Indians who live there and I will give an idea of what some of their names are and these are actually their last names like on the church records, so we have Bearhats, Yellowfly, Miniguns, Manyheads, Littlelight, Twoyoungmen, Drunkenchief, Threesons, and my favorite, Not Useful. Yeah its pretty crazy but they are actually awesome people. Some of them are a bit crazy but they are awesome haha. So Sister Yellowfly is a member and she was baptized in 1992 but now her sons are into drugs and drinking so she was just super sad and started crying and was saying she gives up on the church and is just sooo stressed and just sad and the way she was talking about giving up sounded like me talking to you mom like 3-4 years back so I was able to relate to her and share my testimony of Christ and the Book of Mormon and how giving up isnt worth it and how seeing just little progress is so important and then she started to name off some things on how she was progressing nd little moments of happiness and peace when she is out of the house and prays ad reads the scriptures. It was so awesome and then we gave her a priesthood blessing and it was super spiritual and she said us visiting her helped her so much. This is why I love my mission so much like everyday I have an experience like this or multiple and it just makes you so happy being able to help others, that is where true happiness comes from, serving and loving people like Jesus Christ would. Alright I am running out of time but really want y'all to know that I love y'all. Y'all are the best and I also watched all of y'all dance and at the reception an the talent show. SOOOOO funny haha dad you're the best dad ever. Happy Fathers day and thank you for teaching all of us how to do the worm.