Friday, June 23, 2017

Week 74 - Calgary and My Birthday!

Me cumpli 20 años! Tengo 20 años!

Aw this week has been so awesome, one of the best like it's been more like my birthday week instead of birthday haha. So yesterday I got yall's package right after DTMs and it was amazing. I was probably the most happy about getting those Andes mint chocolates haha just cause I haven't had them in forever and reminded me of when we went out to eat together and plus thank you for everything else, Yall's packages are always the best. So then last Friday we celebrated my birthday at Raul's house, I think I've already told you about Raul but if I haven't, he is awesome! He is from Guatamala and his girlfriend Helen Martinez is a member but is less active so we have been working with them both to get them at church and come unto Christ together. They are so nice and fun and Helen made me the best cake I have had in my life, well it's right up there with 3 leeches but it's called "lo impossible" it's incredible and we asked her how she made it and she said well "es imposible" haha it's got flan on the top and chocolate cake on the bottom. Sooo good and I love how there's so many different little ways to sing happy birthday in Spanish. It seems like every country has its own thing. I love it but anyways after we shared a message with them and last time we invited them to read ether 12 together but they weren't able to read it together so we read Ether 12:6 and 12:27 with them and we were really bold with them because they still haven't gone to church and hardly ever read so we shared their 12:6 and told them that they really won't progress towards Christ if they do not decide to have faith in Christ and read the scriptures and apply them in their lives and come to church and then Raul just looked at us for a moment and then said we were right and he was sorry for not putting God as his first priority and because he has been working a lot but still he said that's not an excuse to not put God first and love Him and do what He wants us to do. Hearing that made me so happy and it is the coolest thing to see someone humble themselves and realize that they can come unto Christ and it really is just their choice. And we also read that faith without works is dead and he said that was so true and then he said that his faith is not dead and he will show it to God and so we committed him to come to church with Helen and sadly they weren't able to come because Raul had some project to do at work on Sunday but I believe he is progressing more now. He said he is reading and praying with Helen a lot so that is good progress. Then what else happened this week? oh yeah!! So we have been visiting this kind of less active guy Jose, he is an old Colombian in a wheelchair and sadly his wife is super less active and some of his family are not part of the church now and so he has trouble really wanting to come to church but the past couple of times we have visited him we have shared scriptures in 1st Nephi about the gospel and his family and then this past week we did service for him and cut his lawn and cleaned up his yard and then afterwards his wife made us food. That was surprising because she never even talks to us when we visit. Then all of a sudden she makes us food and then we all sit down and eat lunch together and it was really nice and then we shared a Mosiah 2:17 and told them that we are here because we love God and we love you and want to serve God and serve you and it was really sweet and then the miracle is that they were both at church Sunday sitting by each other!! And I was able to pass the sacrament and  just felt the Spirit so strongly and thought about the story of Ammon in the Book of Mormon when he served his mission and he gets there and tells King Lamoni that he really is just there to be his servant, nothing more. And then you know how the story ends, Ammon ends up teaching him the gospel and and King Lamoni's heart is softened and he comes unto Christ. I really love just serving people now. There's nothing like it. You just find a happiness in it that you can't find doing anything else. Even super little things. OH YEAH! So transfers were this past week and now I am with Elder Fish!!! The reason why I remembered is because Elder Fish is probably the sweetest most charitable guy I have ever met and just serves you. Like he will just do anything to make your life easier, He is so awesome and he is just been out for 7 months but his Spanish is super good. Its so crazy because I was there serving with him in the south of Calgary on his first day and now he has been out 7 months. This year has been FLYING by. Agh blows my mind. But yeah I love him and we are working really hard together and having fun and loving it here. Alright I guess its already time to wrap up and send pics! I love yall a ton! 
The burning of the pants
they don't fit and my 17th month mark


It's good to be ALIVE!