Friday, July 7, 2017

Week 75 - Calgary

Todo va estar bien
So this week was different and interesting. Still super awesome and fun. But I finally had one of those weeks where literally every lesson we had planned canceled and or we go to the house and they are leaving or they leave us a note saying they are out of town.. haha I haven't had a week or day like that in a long time so I guess it finally came around but anyways our week was still full! We did so much service this week. We helped 2 families move and the sister missionaries move so 3 moves. And the sister missionaries had this really big couch that was super hard to get out of their basement they were in and then we take it to their new basement and we try getting the couch in for like 30 minutes but it just would not fit so they got rid of it. Then the next day we helped this family move in and they had sooo much stuff, like the biggest Uhaul they have filled to almost the top. Dang I always forget to take pics.. Anyways so we were supposed to start at 5:30pm but they didn't get there until like 7:00pm so we tried to go super fast and I was exhausted and then like one of the last things in the truck was a huge couch like the sister missionaries and Elder Fish and I looked at each other and were like nooooooo and moved in to an apartment on the 5th story and luckily they have an elevator but that couch wouldn't fit. So Elder Fish and I hual that thing up 5 flights of stairs and all the way down the hall and we try so hard for like 30 mins to get it in but then the dad gets super mad at his wife because he knew it wouldn't fit and to be honest I have learned a lot of bad Spanish words over my mission and he used them all. It was crazy and he was raising his voice at his wife because she really wanted the couch. They are members and so we just stopped and asked if we could share a scripture with them and take a little break and calm down and we shared Doctrine and Covenants 6:36 - Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. And I just testified to them that this scripture helped me so much when I was stressed or anxious or had fear about things that didn't really matter at all and to focus on and think of how Jesus Christ would handle the situation and then the mood and the feeling in the room changed and the Spirit came in and the dad apologized to his wife and us and then we just hauled that couch back down and that took a while and next thing we know it is 10:40pm!! They apologized and we went home and I slept so good that night and was sore forever haha. So I am running out of time but I want y'all to know that all of our problems and trials are real and it doesn't matter what they are, they are things that test us to turn to the Savior and become like Him. So however small or big the problem or trial is, just turn to the Savior and think of Him. And it will help a lot if you actually pray and read the scriptures with real intent and actually learn who Jesus Christ is. I love John 17:3. So many people just say "What would Jesus do?" but they don't' even know Him. So get to know Him by going to His church and reading His words in the scriptures and praying and really serving and loving one another. I am loving my mission so much because I am really coming to know who Jesus Christ is and loving and serving every one here. I love y'all and hope y'all have an awesome 4th of July!!!! Agh I is y'all but "todo va estar bien" that's' been my phrase like this whole year. Todo va estar bien its like everything's gonna be alright :)))
Hermana Calls birthday at LTMs (Language training meeting)
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