Friday, July 14, 2017

Week 76 - Calgary

O Canada

Soooo much happened this week! So I will start off by saying that its funny how everyone thinks Canada is the coldest place on earth and all of these Canadians up here are so proud of it and it might be the same way in Nacogdoches where we are proud of how hot it is but these past 2 weeks have been wayyy worse than Nacogdoches. Mainly because they don't build apartments and hardly any houses with AC..  so it would be like not having power in Nac for 3 months in the summer.. its awful and its the funniest thing ever because Canadians are so proud of it being cold even though the extreme cold only lasted like 2 months and then its fine and then they say summer only lasts like 2 weeks.. and I am just like what?????? its been hot for like 2 months already haha I didn't complain last summer but now I am saying something to y'all haha its just sooo funny to me. I bought 2 fans so now I have 3 fans blowing on me at night so now its all good. Anyways this week has been so much fun and busy there have been tons of Stampede breakfasts and barbecues so we have been going to a lot of those and there's more this week and we have been able to find lots of people for the English missionaries to teach and the mandarin Elders here found someone for us to teach! Its awesome because we are all working to together. I love Stampede and we have to go after my mission one day. Every time we tell people we are not allowed to go they feel so sad for us haha. And it was soooo awesome because at one of the breakfasts in the north of Calgary I got to see Felix and Sarah!! It was so incredible and Felix is doing so well. He looks so happy and just has that look and countenance now of being a strong member of the church.  I love Alma 5:14 "And now behold, I ask of you, my brethren of the church, have ye spiritually been born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts?" President Miles shared this scripture with me in interviews and just said I look so happy and its growing because I am showing my love and faith to the Lord. And then for to see the same thing happening to Felix is the best thing about missionary work for me. Seeing like everything in ones life change because of the gospel and seeing them have true happiness. Alright so Elder Fish just sent me the story we had with Raul last Friday night, here it is haha  - "So, we went to dinner at the house of our investigator and he is living with his girlfriend who is a less active member. Anyway we had dinner there and the 4 Hermana's who serve in our ward had dinner there too. So we got there and he was acting a little bit off. But we all sat down and started chatting while his girlfriend was finishing the food, so after a while it was pretty clear that he was drunk, so during the conversation he told us how he was born in the states, and how he wants to go back and live there someday even though he wasn't born in the states. also one of the Hermana's was asking him questions, and he put his hand in front of his eyes and in English said, "Why you FBI? Why you FBI? She is FBI!" haha, that was really funny. and then a while after that I made a joke and he was like "hahahhahahaha, I'm going to get baptized in the name of *squints and looks at my name tag* Fish!!!!" then he got up and went to do something in the garage and drink some more. and then his girlfriend gave us the food... so it was tortillas(the normal little corn ones) with chicken wieners(hot dogs) and they had guacamole, mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup... I ate them and she asked if anyone wanted more, I said yes 2 please, and Proctor said 1, haha the Hermana's didn't though. in fact one of the Hermana's had to go to the bathroom during dinner(later we found out that she put the hot dog in a napkin and wrapped it up, and stuffed it in her garments and then went to the bathroom, flushed it down the toilet, and then threw up) and then, he came back, but more drunk, started yelling at his girlfriend and saying he hates America and Americans, and then yelled at his girlfriend, and then went back to the garage. so that was really crazy", So yeah Helen freakin drenched those hot dog tacos in gauc and ketchup and mayo and mustard.. like a stupid amount of it all.. we were all soooo confused and we just had to eat them and Elder Fish apparently didn't think they were bad! He is crazy haha and I just asked for one more so she would'nt feel bad. The whole experience was really crazy but after we shared a super awesome message with the member and she cried and its just a hard situation. We are doing our best to help her boyfriend quit but I believe it will take some time.
Well I guess I gotta wrap now but I want to end on saying that I have really learned why we have commandments. I understand and its so clear like sooo clear to me why we have every commandment that we do. God really has given us everything we need to be happy, it just depends on us to choose to follow and serve Him and love Him and His children and keep His commandments and we really wont have any problems with all the sad and hard things that happen in the world. We might have really hard trials or someone might do wrong to us but its nothing compared to the wrong that the Savior went through, so we can easily turn to Him for help and we will still be happy through our trials and problems we might have in life. I love y'all and hope y'all are doing everything you can to keep all the commandments God has given us and continue to improve and grow and be happier. Hope y'all are enjoying the summer! I am looking forward to the next so I can do stuff with y'all! Sooooo weird I am hitting my 18 month mark this month. Happy I got 6 more though :) todo va a estar bien.