Sunday, July 30, 2017

Week 78 - Calgary

Adivinan cuando regresare 😊
Oh my gosh I swear the weeks just keep going by faster and faster. This week has been so much fun and really busy. So I will start off with a funny story. So Elder Fish and I see this pretty cool park we have never been too and so we go there, talk to people and its super nice and Elder Fish looks up and sees a "red moon!" At first I was like nooo wayyyy! That looks amazing! And then I was like in my mind waaaaiit that can't be the moon, that's the sun, the clouds are just making it look super cool. So then I go along with it with Elder Fish then I say we gotta take some pictures! And then as we took some pictures some kids who are like 7 years old walk by and Elder Fish turns to them and points "hey look! the moon is red! Isn't that cool!?" And then one of them just says, "nooo that's the sun you idiot" and just walk away and I start dying laughing and so does Elder Fish haha it was sooo great. Alright and here's an awesome miracle that happened. So I think I told y'all last week that we have been getting a ton of people to teach for the English missionaries lately and they all have been miracles like this week we had another awesome one. We found this family from Ghana, well they found us and they just walked into the church this Sunday and asked about the church and everything and we gave them to the Sister missionaries and that family is sooo ready to receive and live the gospel. The sisters said the first lesson with them was incredible and that the reason why the family wanted to come to the church was because some missionaries in Ghana did a lot of service for them a while back. Super awesome and goes to show you that no effort is wasted. Anyways we prayed a lot one night to find someone who was really just as prepared as these people we have been finding for the English missionaries and then the next day at dinner with Hermana Rodriguez, as we start to eat she just says "so I have someone for you to teach Elders! My brother! His name is Manuel and he finally is now really interested in the church and he wants to take the lessons!" Elder Fish and I were pretty shocked and super happy. So then a couple days later we meet him, his name is Manuel and is from Mexico but has only been here for about 4 months so we told him about our ESL classes that we teach and he said he would come, then we taught the first lesson to him, the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and halfway through the lesson one of his friends comes and we teach him too! His name is Ramon and has been here a bit longer than Manuel. He said he was willing to listen and learn so at the end of the lesson we invite them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and come to church and they say yeah we will for sure. Then we ask them if they want to get baptized and Manuel said yes!!! It was so amazing and Ramón said he doesn't know yet and wants to learn more but that's still good. So yeah that was incredible. Definitely an answer to our prayers and efforts in finding. Then this past Saturday we had a big picnic barbecue thing as a ward at this nice park and tons of people came including Manuel and Ramón and we played volleyball an other games. It was super fun and super good turn out. Agh I love the Spanish people here so much. And it's soooo nice to play games and sports with them because you learn new sayings and words and it's just awesome. So yeah the work is going soooo well here and I am lovin my mission as much as ever and I finally understand a little bit of what a missionary feels when he or she is going home because guess what!? I got a call from the mission office this week and so I am coming home on January 10th!! I was pretty shocked to get that phone call this early but I guess President Miles is just planning for the future. I don't know but yeah January 10th is the day and after the phone call a rush of emotions hit me and I was like wooah this is so craazzzyyy! Aghhhh I'm like sad but also happy and excited but don't want it to end but I want to see y'all and yeah it's just the weirdest craziest feeling ever. But then shortly after I stopped thinking about it and it's all good now! I got an amazing 6 months ahead of me and will be continuing loving this time I have. I do have to say I am so beyond excited to see y'all on that day. It's been a while haha I love y'all a ton and hope yall are loving the summer! Its goin by fast so enjoy it! 
Love, Elder Proctor
Elder Fish and I with some friends!

Red Moon....

Hermana Dean (former missionary out here) came back to visit with her family.

fun sock/tennis ball game.