Friday, August 4, 2017

Week 79 - Calgary

My mission is the best :

Oh my gosh this week has been one of the best of my mission. I could honestly say that about every week though haha, this week I just feel like we worked super hard and we have seen so many crazy and awesome things happen. Like I wish I could tell y'all every little miracle that has happened this week but it would be like writing a novel. I'm super happy I have my journals though. I have written a ton in them and sometimes I have slacked but I always write in my planners everything so it's all good. I am just so happy right now. The amount of happiness and fulfillment that comes from missionary work never gets old. So this week we took some of the young men with us some days for almost the whole day and it has been incredible. The prophets and apostles really want us to work with the youth a lot because they are our future so one thing that has been amazing is to see these young men pray with real intent like right before a lesson and take a leap of faith during the lesson and share their experiences that they have had and how they know that the gospel makes one happy and really changes ones life. Also how they feel the Spirit and how they have made it here to Canada. Their testimonies are so strong. It's the coolest thing ever and one time one of them shared Mosiah 2:41 which is a scripture that I love, "Y además, quisiera que consideraseis el bendito y feliz estado de aquellos que guardan los mandamientos de Dios. Porque he aquí, ellos son bendecidos en todas las cosas, tanto temporales como espirituales; y si continúan fieles hasta el fin, son recibidos en el cielo, para que así moren con Dios en un estado de interminable felicidad. ¡Oh recordad, recordad que estas cosas son verdaderas!, porque el Señor Dios lo ha declarado." And he shared this to a less active and he shared his experience without the church before he was a member and how he was bullied in school and he didn't see his dad for 6 years because his dad was up here in Canada working and then once they all got to Canada they found the missionaries and the gospel changed their lives and they have been blessed immensely spiritually and temporally. It was amazing and what blows my mind is that he is only 13 years old! I believe he is so mature because of what he has been through. All of them are and something that I am continuing to realize is just how amazing it is to feel the Spirit and see these things happen.
I think I have already said this before but I know without a doubt that the greatest miracle of all is the change that comes to ones life who really lives the gospel. No matter what age or race or language they speak, we are all children of our Heavenly Father and we all have Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer. No matter if you are 8, 9, or 10 years who just received the gift of the Holy Ghost or 12,14, or 17 who is preparing for a mission or has the priesthood or is preparing to go to the temple or is 50 years or is 97 years old and a new convert or going to the temple for the first time. I have seen so many peoples lives change because of the gospel and continue to change including mine. It really has given me like un testimonio inquebrantable and it keeps growing. I love it so much. So yeah the gospel is amazing. Oh and we got to teach Manuel and Ramon 2 times this past week and we read the Book of Mormon with them and their family, 2 Nefi 31, that chapter is so awesome and then we taught some the gospel of Jesus Christ and guess what!? Manuel has his baptismal date! On the 19th of August!!!! Soooooo excited. Ramon is still willing to listen but he says he just wants to listen to us because he has already been baptized in the catholic church and we explained to him what the gift of the Holy Ghost but he said again he is ok and will just listen but we will get him eventually haha. But yeah Manuel is so ready and really wants it. But the scary thing is this week is transfers!! Tonight we find out but I really don't think I will go back to the south Spanish ward so its all good. I just hate the feeling of not knowing for sure haha. So hopefully I stay and get to be here for Manuel's baptism. Also this week we had exchanges which is when you go with another missionary for 24 hours. I went back to Strathmore with the crazy natives and the entire day we did service! I literally didn't wear proselyting clothes the whole day. It was pretty nice haha and it was so awesome doing service. We did helped with a move for a non member family and I swear sometimes I feel that I have been called here to just be a mover haha we do at least 1 move a week and every once in a while we do like 3 in a week. Its good though. Then we helped this guy build his house and I cut all the weeds in the backyard with this nice weed whacker and then we went to help a member cut wood with his nonmember friend and they feed us dinner, they're from England and that was the day haha. A lot of driving, Strathmore has like 10,000 people and there's super small little towns surrounding it kind of like Nacogdoches. And Strathmore is like 45 mins away from Calgary and the little towns around are far away. It was really nice. I have always been in the city so it was really nice getting that feeling of Nacogdoches back. I definitely like small towns better than the city. Well I am running out of time once again. I am just so happy to be here even though I am growing to miss y'all more and more. Its already August which blows my mind. Time continues to fly. I love y'all and I just read that Mason and Allie will be there the day after I get back!! I can't wait to be there with all y'all!!! Dang I am so excited. AGH such a weird feeling though. Mason and Allie know what I'm talking about and dad. Alright time for some pics:
Love Elder Proctor

Mi Amigo, Diego