Thursday, August 17, 2017

Week 80 - Calgary

Muchas bendiciones y el amor de Dios

Man this week was awesome but also pretty tough. One of those weeks that you literally cant meet with any of your investigators because they are busy or the appointment falls threw and then you set some other things up with members and that falls threw so you end up contacting and knocking doors and showing the Lord you are here to work and serve and then you get blessed! So on last Friday it was one of those days just contacting all day and we had dinner with la familia Hinojosa, they are from Peru and one of those super strong and sweet and awesome members who have amazing stories and love the gospel and you can feel the Spirit so strongly in their home. They just have one son who is 17 years old and is preparing for a mission. The dad has some health problems. He had a really bad stroke a while back and I think he has like problems with his muscles, I forgot what its called. Super strong in the gospel though. So we had dinner with them and they always make amazing Peruvian food and share stories about Peru and its super cool. Then for the message we shared 2 Nefi 31:19-20, "19 Y ahora bien, amados hermanos míos, después de haber entrado en esta estrecha y angosta senda, quisiera preguntar si ya quedó hecho todo. He aquí, os digo que no; porque no habéis llegado hasta aquí sino por la palabra de Cristo, con fe inquebrantable en él, confiando íntegramente en los méritos de aquel que es poderoso para salvar.  20 Por tanto, debéis seguir adelante con firmeza en Cristo, teniendo un fulgor perfecto de esperanza y amor por Dios y por todos los hombres. Por tanto, si marcháis adelante, deleitándoos en la palabra de Cristo, y perseveráis hasta el fin, he aquí, así dice el Padre: Tendréis la vida eterna." And we really focused on how hope and love for God and our brothers and sisters is the most important thing in the gospel and how it is the greatest commandment and we must be like Christ and have His love in order to be truly happy and serve the Lord. Jesus Christ gave His life for us so we must give our life to Him. It was super awesome and then after the message Hermana Hinojosa thanked us a lot and said she really needed that and then asked us to give a blessing to Hermano Hinojosa. Right after that moment I just felt a huge amount of love for them in my heart and the Spirit fill me. I said of course. Then Elder Fish did the anointing and I gave the blessing. I cant really remember everything I said but wow I know without a doubt that the amount of love that Heavenly Father has for each one of His children is truly amazing and it is shown through His Son Jesus Christ. He knows what we need and what we want, He knows what we need to experience and need to learn. He knows our strengths and our weaknesses. I felt the Spirit so strongly testifying to me these things as I gave that blessing to Hermano Hinojosa. Because of this experience I feel like I love others more and am really growing to Jesus Christ and the way He sees us. And what is incredible is that this same type of thing happened the next day. Last Saturday we contacted a ton and then just before dinner we get a random call from this guy asking for a blessing and so right after dinner with the Carters we drive over to his house and meet him for the first time. His name is Hermano Alvarez and he is from Colombia. He says he has 2 daughters and one just got back from her mission and then I am like wait! you are the dad of Camila Alvarez! And he is like yeah! And I was like wow thats so sweet. So he explain to us what was going on. He has only been here for about a month here in Canada to be here with his daughters but he said it has been really hard to adjust to being here and that the past couple of nights he has had panic attacks and struggles with anxiety and I immediately felt for him and explained some of what I had been through and also my mom. Then we gave him a priesthood blessing and once again I started to feel soooo much love for him and hope for him like I did with Hermano Hinojosa. It truly is awesome and I am just so amazed of the love that Jesus Christ has for us. I have always loved that hymn, "I Stand All Amazed." But through learning more and understanding more of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, it has so much more meaning and significance to me now. I just feel like so honored to be able to work and serve here and to be able to learn how to really love people like Jesus Christ because I am here acting in the place of Him. I am His representative. I really do fall short but He lifts me up so I am able to do it and be here and continue. Last night I was thinking about y'all a lot and really just missing y'all and then I looked over some of the first pictures of my mission on my old camera and thought of the countless amount of miracles and awesome memories I have seen and made over the course of my mission and felt again the love and blessings that the gospel brings. It is so worth it. It is sooo worth it no matter how hard it may seem. The ups and the downs. Just keep living the gospel. There are things that you can learn by living the gospel that can not be answered or be learned by man. It really comes from God, we are His children. We should love and serve one another and ultimately love and serve Him. Alright I guess it is time to wrap up again. Oh and Manuel is still doing great, we are meeting with him tomorrow and he came to church and his baptism is coming up soon! Next Saturday! I am super pumped. Bueno hasta la proxima semana! Los quiero 
Love Elder Proctor  (forgot camera to upload picts)