Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Week 88 - Calgary

Conferencia General

Wow what an incredible week!! So kind of funny, right when I finished emailing last week our lesson canceled with la familia Garcia and we were like "woooow they never cancel, what are we gonna do now?" And then 10 seconds later this girl about 20 years old asks us so are y'all mormons? And we were like yes and she asks I don't know if y'all are busy but could I ask you some questions on what you believe. And we were like YES! haha so that was super cool and I feel like that happens all the time. No matter what happens even if great lessons cancel there are always miracles and cool things happening. So we talked to her for like 45 minutes and she is catholic and had some classic questions that a person who goes to the internet and reads about mormons has. Like how we think we can be Jesus Christ and how there is no historical evidence for the Book of Mormon and how the leaders of our church are super rich and we should not pay tithing to them and we should really think about what we are doing. So when she was saying all this I got kind of offended and it is interesting because I didn't used to get offended because I know they don't understand at all what we do but now I just feel like my testimony of Jesus Christ is so strong that it literally makes me sad for them and I just want to help them understand so I just started testifying of the Book of Mormon that she was holding in her hand that we gave to her and testified that the Book of Mormon really saved my life because all it does is testify and teach us of Christ and it was through that book and prayer and faith that I was able to overcome what I did and now I see people as who they are now, children of God and they have so much light in them, every single one of us even if you cant see, we all have the light of Christ in us. I promised her that if she really read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and lived the gospel she would understand and feel even more love for the Savior for her. She accepted but I felt that she didnt really have the true desire to do it. But maybe one day. And it is interesting to me because as disciples of Jesus Christ we are supposed to build and help others faith in God no matter what and there is love there. But she was trying to tear down our faith so it kind of shows you who is doing the right thing and "following what the bible says." So that was cool and MAN! GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING!!! Every single talk I took a bunch of notes and my favorites were Joni L Koch about how we should be one in Christ and we really have no right to judge other or speak ill about anyone! That is always funny to me and I even do it sometimes too and it is literally something you learn in kindergarten. Don't be mean. Treat others how you want to be treated. Be nice. But right when that person who annoys you leaves the room you start talking bad about him or her. Why?!?! haha its just negative. Think of how Jesus Christ feels about him or her. He knows everything about him or her. You don't. He knows exactly how to help him or her. You might know a little bit but that's not enough. That's why we have to pray with all the energy of our hearts to have that pure love of Christ and just love them and never speak ill of anyone. We are all in this together so don't beat each other down. I also loved Bonnie L Oscarsons because she talked about serving those around us. Agh I am running out of time. So my top favorites were by President Russel M Nelson about the Book of Mormon and its power because that is exactly what I have been feeling these past couple of transfers and now I want to be even more diligent in studying and praying with the Book of Mormon and then of course I loved Elder Neil L Andersons who went last. That was Enmanuels favorite too, we had a lesson with him last night and man it was awesome. I wish I had more time to write but just know that this is the best work in the world, the work of the Lord. Be a disciple of Jesus Christ, share with each other, love each other, work together, help each other, and share the gospel because that's how we do it. We did another 2 moves this week and miracles happen. Its the best thing ever. Alright now I gotta send those Banff pics and others! I love y'all and cant believe I just have 99 days left!!!!