Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Week 89 - Calgary

¡Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!  (Happy Thanksgiving in Canada)

Holy cooowww time is going so fast! Next week is already transfers and like halfway through October! This transfer is a five week transfer but man it has gone by fast. Anyways this past week was incredible like always. Manuel received the Aaronic priesthood and is now a priest and guess what!? We are going to the temple as a ward on Saturday and Manuel is coming!!!!! He got his temple recommend and everything is set. It will be the first time for him to do baptisms and he will be able to be baptized for his dad!! Sooo excited and it is pretty crazy how fast all of these thongs happen. It feels like just last week Norma Rodriguez, Manuels sister told us that Manuel will be coming from Mexico and he will probably want to take the discussions. But that was like in the beginning of August and now we are already here. Its so awesome and time just really isn't a thing as a missionary haha it feels so weird. Also the hermanas convert Juan Jose will be going for the first time also to the temple. We have gotten close being at church every Sunday and we played soccer on Saturday and I have really grown to love playing soccer. We will try to get more people to come next Saturday because it was just 6 of us last Saturday but it was still great. Then on the 20th of October which is next Friday Valentina will be getting baptized! The daughter of la famila Garcia that we have been teaching. And she will being baptized with an investigator of the other set of hermanas, her name is Jennifer. So the work is really going strong right now and also to add to it we found a family to teach yesterday! They are soooo aweosme. So we knock on this door and this huge buff black guy with lots of tattoos and dreads answers the door with a new born baby in his arms and we didn't think he spoke Spanish but then we introduced ourselves and realized he spoke Spanish and is from the Dominican Republic and we were like YES!! and he invited us in and get this he was playing Destiny 2! So I was talking to him about it and turns out he was super into Halo 3 too back in the day haha it was so awesome. But then after getting to know each other we shared the restoration with him and he accepted to be baptized!! We didn't set a date yet but he is so into it and had never heard of the Book of Mormon and just had heard of the Mormon church. Then after he accepted he was like yeah I have never been baptized before and so like I gotta repent and be baptized because I have faith in Christ and my whole family can be baptized too!! Another one of those moments that you like at your companions in shock and your like freaking out inside haha. Then he offers to feed us soup that his wife from Nicaragua was making for us. It was soooo goood. Then some guy walks through the door who lives in the basement sits with us and we get to talking to him, his name is Eber, he is from Honduras. We explained what we do as missionaries and he said he has such a big respect for what we do and wants to help change the world and establish peace. So we explained how the church works and how we have apostles of Jesus Christ and Christ is the head of the church and he leads it so who better to establish peace than the Prince of Peace and His apostles and disciples? He thought that was awesome and he will be coming to church on Sunday. Luis who is the big buff black guy has to work every other Sunday so he will be coming the next Sunday. But yeah super awesome miracle and really looking forward for them. Then that night we called the hermanas and they found a family to teach too. So yeah I am loving it here and working a ton and seeing so many miracles happening. There's really nothing better than doing what God wants us to do. Loving and helping and serving one another and living the gospel. It is so wonderful and beautiful how it works. We really don't deserve the endless blessings we receive as we come unto Christ and live the gospel. Christ really is filled with mercy. He is so merciful. He will always forgive us and bless us. And we should be the same with others. Just serve and be willing to serve and help people out. Always keep your eye out for someone who needs help in anyway and pray to serve others and it will come. God answers our prayers and especially the ones that we are sincere about and ones that we truly want to help His children and our friends and family. Man the past couple of weeks I have kind of felt more that I have been out here for a while haha like I havent seen y'all in forever. I really cant wait to see y'all again and I just realized it will be in just 3 months!! THAT'S CRAZY!! Its coming soon. I love y'all and am looking forward to that day and also a couple days after that so I can meet Allie in person! haha :))) Hasta pronto!

Elder Fish, Elder Ibenz, Me - that lake is really that blue... crazy!