Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Week 92 - Calgary

El invierno ha llegado :O
Another week gone like that! And all of a sudden winter hit me like a truck! It snowed a ton last Thursday and Friday. I got all my winter stuff out from my suitcase and was wearing like three layers plus my big jacket and I walk outside and I was like what the heck!?!? It's too cold!! It feels like it's -25 again but with the windchill like -40!! But then I see it's only -10 and I'm like wow. Last winter after it was like -25 forever and it went down to -10 all of us were like its summmmeeerr!! And takin off our jackets and stuff haha. So yeah just gotta get used to it again and I kind of already have. Just that first day was baaadd haha. But man I love the snow. It looks so awesome and after like every other missionary meeting we have we usually have a mini snowball fight but here sometimes it's impossible to make a snowball or a snowman because the snow doesn't pack because it's "dry snow" haha weirdest thing in the world. How can snow be dry? But anyways I love it. So yeah this week has been super awesome even though it was another week of canceled lessons and people being busy. It's really funny to me because as missionaries we get really frustrated when people are busy and like even when you are praying for someone to get a good job and he or she does and you're like awesome! But then the next day you get frustrated because sometimes you can't meet with them haha. So sadly we weren't able to go to the temple with Manuel last Saturday because of his job and it was so funny because we were so close, it was like 2:20pm an we were literally in the car about to go to the temple and then Junior, Manuels friend texts us and say Manuel is working and he forgot his phone. We were like NOOO WAYYY! That's hilarious! So yeah and then today we were hoping to do it but this morning he said he can't but we can this Friday haha. One day we will go!! I know it haha. But yeah I don't have worries because he is still progressing in the gospel and this Sunday he passed the sacrament for the first time! It was awesome and I was there beside him passing with him. It was a super spiritual and awesome sacrament for me. I love really reading the lyrics of the sacrament hymn and then hearing everyone singing and then look at the scriptures at the bottom of the page that go along with the hymn and I showed Manuel that and he thought it was super cool and he would start doing that. It is the sweetest thing in the world to see someone learn all these little things in the gospel and feel the Spirit and truly be happy and feel the love of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. Yesterday we had interviews with President Miles and during my interview I was talking about Manuel and seeing people over my mission change through the gospel and the Atonement of Jesus Christ, my companions, members, and then he kind of stops me and says the Atonement has changed you! And I was like wow and I felt the Spirit and felt more of how Christ Atonement really changes everyone more than we think. Just like we know Christ loves us more than we can imagine because of His Atonement. But as we live the gospel we start to understand more and learn more and know more. We develop a relationship with the Savior. That is the greatest thing. Really feel and understand and know Christ role in your life. For me I have been learning a ton more from studying the Book of Mormon more since general conference and applying what I learn and sharing it with people and serving others. It brings the most real and true happiness to ones life. It is incredible. The Book of Mormon outlines the gospel of Jesus Christ so clearly and how to live it. For zone conference next week a general authority is coming, Elder Natress of the Seventy and one of the ways we are preparing for it by studying 2 Nephi 31, 3 Nephi 11 & 27 which really explains what the gospel is. I want y'all to study it too! And study what faith is and what repentance is. Really dig deep and learn something new and feel the Spirit. Study what faith is and what repentance and apply it. It will be awesome. Well I am out of time once again and I cant believe that it is already November. Bueno, ya tengo que despedirles otra vez pero voy estar aqui de regreso la semana siguiente en un abrir y cerrar de ojos! Los quiero mucho!!! 
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