Thursday, November 2, 2017

Week 91 - Calgary

Happy Halloween!

MAAAN! This week was sooo great haha I love Halloween so much. This past weekend we went to a bunch of Halloween parties that English wards all around our area were having and we got to talk and meet more of the Latino members in the other wards and we got some of them to invite their friends to our ESL classes so that's awesome. Also playing games and seeing white culture again like the trunk or treat thing was so awesome. I really love the members of the church so much. No matter where you go in the world you can find people who love and serve and at the church and members of the church just have a sweet and loving spirit no matter what their culture or race or language they speak. It just amazes me who God is able to really bless and love each and every one of us even though in some ways we are different but for the most part we all are the same. We are children of God. We all have desires and dreams and we have the ability to choose what we do with them. Its awesome and one of my biggest desires is to help people know and understand that we are all children of God and because of that we gotta love each other. Anyways this weekend was awesome and also guess what!? Valentina got baptized! Elder Fish did it and man it was such great baptism. La familia Garcia really are like the sweetest convert family ever and next month they will be able to be sealed in the temple!!! SOOO excited!!! And also so we were supposed to go to the temple and do baptisms with Manuel like 3 weeks ago but he has been super busy with his new job but POR FIN finally this Saturday at 3:00pm we will be going with him. I really cant wait. I remember goin with Felix a while back and it was one of the best experiences of my mission. So yeah I am super pumped. Awesome things are happening and even though pretty much every lesson we had planned this week, we kept busy and miracles happened. NEVER GIVE UP! That's something super valuable I have learned here. Sometimes you just have bad days and it is just so funny to me because people get sooooo mad and soooo angry when they have days like that but it doesn't serve anything to get mad. Just laugh and know that God is messing with you haha not really like that but He is testing your faith and wants you to choose to be happy and persevere through it and learn and progress because you are on your way to becoming better. So don't worry its all good. Like last night I was thinking quite a bit about what I will do when I get home like getting a job and getting ready for school and one day I will have a family and I was like oh gosh!! And I couldn't really sleep cause I was stressing. But then I was like wait I am on my mission. I got God on my side. God is awesome! So I don't have anything to worry about. Then I prayed a bit more and fell asleep instantly like I usually do. So yeah I just gotta continue to forget my self and go to work! The best work in the world. Alright I got wrap up and now and send some awesome pictures. Cant believe this is the second Halloween already. Hope y'all have an awesome night and this night we have to be in our pads by 6:00pm cause you know so yeah I will be thinking about y'all tonight. I love and miss y'all!!