Thursday, December 21, 2017

Week 97 - Calgary

Feliz Navidad!!!!
I can't believe next week is already Christmas!!!! Man I really am so excited to see y'all next Monday and then like some days later finish my mission and see y'all in person... WHAT!?!? Finish my mission!?!?!? Haha yeah I am really freaking out. I am feeling it come more and more because all the members and missionaries and investigators and everyone are always surprised when I say "sí este es mi último traslado" o "tengo 23 meses" and then they're like wow! You're about to go home! What are your plans!? and everything.. you know how people do haha it feels so weird and crazy that I have hit this point in my mission. I really am so happy though, this week Elder Schiel and I had some incredible experiences even though it has been tough finding new investigators. But we have been working hard so the miracles are still there, like this week we had 3 amaaaazing lessons that of course I won't have time to write about them all. But here is one of them, so I don't know if you remember a while back like in April of this year when I was here. Hermano Perez wife passed away because of cancer. I remember a couple of times when Elder Ibanez and I had visited him he was just truly broken and Elder Ibanez and I did all we could to help him but we just had to be there and talk with him. It was so sad. Then I remember one time when we left I wanted to cry because it was so sad and I didn't really understand why she had died. Like they are just one of those awesome faithful sweet super amazing members in the ward and then God takes his wife away at that time. He struggled so much and so did the kids. So I get back here and I Elder Schiel how is he and he said he has only come to church like 2 times since I had left. Then I ask how he is doing in Ward counsel and Obispo says he still is working through it. So then I say a prayer that a miracle would happen that he would feel something and find a way to come to church and guess what? He came!! It still blows my mind how God answers our prayers especially when we want to help His children come unto Christ. It's so cool. And when he walked in the sacrament room as we were greeting people at the door I ran over to him and he was like ahhh you're back!! And we gave each other a big bear hug and I could feel that he was a little better from back in April. Then we could only talk for like 30 seconds and then just before the end of sacrament meeting he left. But then Elder Schiel and I visited him yesterday! And it was incredible! So somehow, just like every other member, he starts off talking about how great Star Wars the Last Jedi was and he was like back to normal from like he was last year just super super energetic and crazy and joking around and laughing a ton so that was super awesome and it's so funny because he is from Chile and some chilenos to express something super amazing or like super bad they just like scream "NOOOOOOOO!!" and then he explained how incredible it was watching it in IMAX 3D. It was soooo funny and man I really can't wait to watch it with y'all when I get home. Soooooo excited like every single day since like Thursday every talks about how great it is haha. Anyways it was so nice to see that emotion in him and then we shared our message about light the world and day 18 and Hermano Perez was really shocked on how the Lord just knows what he needs.  We talked about how hard things in life can be and really they can be soooo hard but we will always have Jesus Christ, we will always have the gospel to live, we will always have the scriptures and then I shared some of Isaias 53 and talked about how Christ was shattered and broken because of our sins but He paid the price to make it easier on us and we just have to come unto Him and repent and have faith and then I shared 2 Nefi 33:1-3 and bore my testimony that I have seen a lot of people accept and reject the gospel and Christ and the scriptures but those who accept and live it are so much more happier and understand so much more about this life and why things happen the way they do  I love those scriptures and also 2 Nefi 33:12. Yall should read them. And then he said the things that have happened to him these past couple of weeks have really helped him gain a better understanding of the plan of Salvation and just the plan that God has for his family and why things happened the way they did and also how important the scriptures are. I felt the Spirit so strongly and it is definitely a moment of my mission that I will never forget. Then at the end we talked just a little bit about me going home and he told me that it is just etapas de la vida and some other things but I don't know what it would be in English but it hit me hard and I just felt that this time I have had on my mission has been incredible and so has my life before my mission and it will be after my mission too. I am so grateful that I have been able to come to know Christ more on my mission because knowing Him makes life so awesome everyday. Loving others, helping others and just forgetting about yourself makes you feel like you have no big problems in your life but the only "problem" you have is that of you being far away from being perfect like Christ. I know that He is our Savior and that we should do all that we can to become like Him because if we do, we can really change the world that we live in and others will follow our example. Alright I gotta send some pics now and get going! So happy I get to see yall next Monday. I love yall and hope yall have an incredible Christmas!!! 


Elder Ibenz

Elder Fish

Elder Schiel

Great District

The Last Jedi (ill be able to see it in 3 weeks!)